Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Day out with Princess J!

Today, Princess J and I spent the day together! I just love spending time with her and watching her explore her environment and watch things going on around her. Today, we went to the
Quilting in the Garden show. It was a beautiful day also! The setting was just wonderful to see all the works of art and Princess J loved looking at all the sights and hearing all the acordion players that were around the event. Most of the time while we were strolling around, Princess J stayed in her stroller and just looked around. We went in the morning, because we knew it was going to get HOT later. When we got there it was about 76 degrees at 10:30 in the morning. When we left at 12:30 it was about 90 degrees! YIKES!! There were quite a few people there when we got there, but by the time we left it was getting super packed. I'm so glad we went when we did. We really got to look around and see everything without bumping into anyone or anything. The quilts were so beautiful, and the way they were displayed throughout the nursery was amazing!

After awhile, I got Princess J out of her stroller and let her explore on her feet a little. She loved the pumpkins and really wanted to eat the gravel. Since it was getting close to 12, she was starting to get a little fussy, because she was tired. As we were walking out to the car, she found a spot right out in front of the place, where she wanted to play in the dirt a bit. She was having a good time! LOL! As I took her out to the car...screaming just a little, because she wanted to play in the dirt....I kept thinking that there were a few quilts on the list that I didn't see, and was wondering how I missed them. I buckled Princess in, thinking we would just forget about it. She was out like a light in minutes and then it donned on me that they were probably in the little shop in front we didn't go into. I got her back out of the car and went back in, thankfully she continued to sleep on my shoulder while I looked around and snapped some photos. I loved the display inside the little shop of all the cupcake and baked goodness! It all looked so yummy, but it was all soaps and candles. So stinkin' cute.
The last photo is these cute little cups that are filled with pink yarn and knitting needles. On the front, they say Knit for a Cure for Breast Cancer. I thought this was such a cute little idea! I loved the package, but since I can't knit, I opted to just take a photo instead of buying it! LOL!
The best part of the day (besides just being with Princess J), was meeting Alex Anderson. My stepmother is an avid quilter and belongs to this website The Quilt Show . She is part of the website and does shows and such. She was such a sweetheart to meet! If I didn't know that sewing was not my forte and I didn't have a overloaded room full of scrapbook supplies (that I love each and every one of), I might just become a quilter! She is so energetic and has a beautiful personality...that she could probably convince me to quilt!! LOL!! Loved her! That is her with Princess J and I in the first photo! I hope I get to meet her again sometime! If you are already a quilter, then go check out their website, it is awesome! Suppot them!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Keeghan has that same little bear backpack! Kennedy has the monkey! Glad you had a good day! It sounds like fun!

cheerful cropper said...

what a wonderful girly day! i love the knitting cups too. ver cute packaging. i want to create a quilt using baby k's onesies- i don't have any idea how, but i want to!
i must check out your backyardigans toolbar! so cool!

emelyn said...

Looks like such a fun time with you two girls!! She is adorable and what a cutie.

Kent said...

Ohh I LOVE that pick of the yarn in the shake container with the needles - too cute! I love to knit!