Thursday, December 03, 2009

Birthday Extension!

What a week this has been! I'm not even sure where the entire thing went, I just know I've been running like crazy!

Poor G has been sick for which I think he feels is like forever! He is never one to sit still for a making him sit and rest has been next to impossible! He's been quarantined from Baby J! He's also had limited contact with the other two, just trying to keep everyone healthy! I know he misses his time with the littles and I KNOW they miss daddy time.

Princess J only has a few words right now, but in the last two weeks she's gone crazy using them consistently! Mommy is super excited about that! Everything has to be on her terms...she definately is a stubborn one (I have no idea where she got that from)!

Little J is having his class birthday party tomorrow! We're taking pizza and cupcakes to school for him! I'll try very hard to post the photos I take tomorrow!

Baby J had his 4 month check up this week.....he's a whopping 13 lbs! His weight has dropped off a bit from the rapid spurt he took from birth. He's such a mover! He's actually trying to pull himself up to a sit in his bouncy chair! I'm sure he's got abs of steel from trying so hard too! He's such a sweet little patient one too! His brother and especially his sister are super demanding and he's so patient waiting for their needs to be met. He's such a snuggle bug!

That's all I got for now! Trying to put together plans for much to think about!

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