Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fashion Diva

Princess J is making her mark on the fashion world! This little girl has a sense of style all her own! This is her favorite home ensemble. Nice comfy feety jammies, Hello Kitty Wellies, Winnie the Pooh scarf and to finish off the look a jeweled princess crown! Everyday we get some version of this. The crown is interchangable with a Hello Kitty knit cap. Sometimes, she'll find the keys to the car and head for the door wanting to go out like this....

While this little girl has a style all her own....mommy is still lucky enough that Princess J likes to get dressed for the day most of the time as well. Sometimes she puts her 2 cents in and tells me that she's not going to wear something I've picked out, but most of the time she's compliant and happy. Once she if fully dressed and hair done, she must make the final inspection in the mirror before we can leave the house. She's finding a true liking for shoes and purses already too! We're in BIG trouble, I've created a monster (I've had a little help though...from Grandma who not only taught me my shoe and clothing love, but has assisted in the training of the princess) <3

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