Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Five? Really?

I cannot even believe that my Little J is actually a five year old! It just does not seem possible that he could really be 5! G and I were talking yesterday about how much our lives have changed since Little J came along. The day Little J arrived, we were so overjoyed and could not wait to embark on our adventure as a family of 3 knowing that we wanted to add more little ones. We could not have even begun to imagine what was in store for us. We had on huge pairs of rose colored glasses when we decided to join the ranks of parenthood....little did we know just how joyful the joys would be and just how heartbreaking some of the lows could be.
Little J's diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome is still such a pivotal moment in our lives. One that both G and I can replay over and over in our heads. I remember exactly what the doctors office looked like and the look on her face when she had to break the news to us. It's been a hard road to come to terms with and sometimes the road is very smooth and sometimes it is extremely bumpy! I have to say though, that every milestone Little J reaches, I am just beyond joyful. What a true and honest blessing Little J is to us. He is the epitome of unconditional love. He makes us so proud with every new step he takes and every new skill he learns.
Some of the most amazing joys in this journey have come from Princess J. She is so caring and loving to Little J. She brings him toys when he drops them, helps alert us when she knows he's about to do something he shouldn't (such a tattle tale) or when she knows he needs us. The first time he walked a short distance independently she clapped for him....she knew just how amazing it was! They go after eachother in typical sibling fashion as well. When she wants to be the diva, even Little J can't sway her. For his birthday today, she tried to convince me he wanted a Hello Kitty cake too! I cannot wait to see Baby J follow her lead in caring about Little J. I know that because of Little J, aside from mommy and daddy, they will both really know unconditional love, they will both have caring and compassionate hearts and what amazing people Little J's influence will help them become. In turn, their milestones and example will influence Little J to keep working and to strive to do the things he wants to do. While I'm not a "pie in the sky" type of person, I know for Little J ANYTHING is possible!
Five years ago today, I was taking my first peek into they eyes of my beautiful baby boy, my beautiful angel from God. Five years ago today, I was looking into the eyes of a baby with a pure and good loving heart and I know that his heart will always remain that way. It will never be jaded. Today, I wish my Little J a very Happy 5th Birthday! Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!
More photos to come after Friday! We're having a little party in his classroom! I still had to get photos to day for his actual birthday though! <3

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jo said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Little J! :)