Monday, February 15, 2010

Just for Me

I love my kids......but....other things I love have taken a backseat. I certainly don't regret that and I wouldn't go back to the days when they were my priority either....but....I miss them anyway. That being said, I didn't make any New Year resolutions. I find it hard to stick to something like that. The minute I slack....and with three kids and lots of activities and other things to think about...slacking will happen, I feel guilty. When I feel guilty, I get in funk and then I slack some more. It's a vicious circle for me. resolutions. I do however have some things I'd like to work on. Nothing set in stone, but try and find a way to carve out just a few minutes or hours here and there to give my other loves well...some love.

1. Read more. This one, I've been working on and while it's slow going I've been carving out some time here and there. During Princess J's monday appointment, Little J sleeps and I read. During Little J's hour of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy..the other littles nap in the car and I....I read. Not setting a goal here, just finding time to enjoy it.

2. Scrap! I miss it so much! I've worked on this as well. The space is a bit cleaner and there is room to work. I need to stop over thinking my pages and just get in an do it.

3. More photos please! I took an awesome photography workshop with the fabulous Krista Lund and have been working on this. I just need the rain to go away so I can take the kids outside more often to just shoot away! Lighting inside is something I'm also working on, but I love to just go outside and play while they explore. I'm hoping that Krista is still planing to do another workshop in the spring....I'll be there if she does!

4. I need to take the time to figure out my photoshop program. I've sat down a few times and I'm just a little challenged here. I have some websites that Krista recomended...I just have to take the time to check them out and quit getting sucked into Facebook! LOL!

5. Date nights! Hubby and I need these! I'm working on this as this posts. It's not as simple as finding a random teenager to come over and babysit when you have a child with special needs. Not only do you have to find someone you trust with your little hearts, but you have to find someone who can lift him, deal with seizures if it should happen, and interact with your littles and keep them safe and entertained. Thankfully, Little J's new case manager is working on helping us with this now. I really hope we find someone fantastic, so hubby and I can go out into the world together and have some kid free time. I have a plan for our first date, when it all comes together....stay tuned!


jo said...

Love your goals! Mine are pretty similar!

I was thinking of challenging myself to read at least 1 book a month... so 12 books in a year? That sounds do-able right?

I want to get better with the camera too. Can't wait for the weather to be nicer!

Let's get together soon! That would be fun!

Rachel said...

thanks for stopping by our blog!