Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super Slacker!

Yes, yes. I am still here. I wonder if everyone has completely given up on my blog? I have been a super slacker as of late. I don't really have any excuse except that getting used to being a family of 5 has been much more of a logistical challenge than being a family of 4. That's not saying that Peanut J is any more difficult than either Little J or Princess J was. We just no longer have any advantage. The littles officially outnumber us.....and they know it!

I also have been posting a lot on Facebook, which I think has taken me away from this sweet little blog and's been easier for sharing photos and such. I think though that I'm ready to embrace my blog again. I'm not going to hold myself to any posting standard, I'm not going to feel guilty for all the things I wanted to document here but didn't.....but I'm ready to embrace, share and document on this ol' blog again.
We've had a rough winter so far. The kids have all been sick now off and on. Peanut J thankfully missed most of the bugs that came passing through this house. Little J brought quite a few of them home for visits. We were able to keep Peanut J from coming down with anything other than a few runny noses and a cough or two...thankfully nothing serious. He finally had his first illness with a stubborn fever the day before his 6 month check up. He got his 6month vaccines and his flu shot....and then we had the night from heck. He was completely miserable. For 2 days this went on and then just as quickly as it made him miserable, he was back to his sweet little peanut self.

He is maintaining his peanutness well too. At his 6 month check up he was 26 1/2 inches long and only 14 sweet little pounds. While he only makes the 10% mark for weight, we are not concerned as he was ill and that can account for some weight loss and he is growing length wise like a weed!

Little J is doing well in Kinder. He loves it! He gets so excited to see his teacher and aides in the morning. I swear he practically runs away with them at drop off and barely looks back at us. He's always happy to see us when we pick him up, but I think he'd still much rather stay at school longer. The other day I went to pick him up and his teacher came out and said that he was in a business meeting. Ha! Little J was selected to have pizza with the principal at his school! Every month students are selected for lunch with the principal for good behaviour and for demonstrating a positive character trait. Little J's positive character trait....Bully Free! It's good to know that my Little J is not bullying his classmates in kindergarten! His walking skills are constantly improving. He loves being so independent! We've seen some sleep issues and some seizure issues lately, but with a slight increase in his seizure medication and a plan for trying to control the sleep issue I think we'll survive.

Princess J's favorite word is NO! You can ask her, she'll tell you it's her favorite word! She is quickly approaching the terrifying 3's! I swear, this little girl is going to get the lifetime acheivement award for dramatics before she turns 3! Even with all the drama and NO yelling, she is so amazing. She looks out for Little J all the time. She makes sure he has toys, shares snacks with him and helps mommy whenever she can. She's still warming up to Peanut J. I think she still wants to be the baby....little does she know, she always will be! She's finally willing to give him kisses although these are mostly blowing kisses at him. She loves to make sure he has his binkie in his mouth whether he's crying or fast asleep. There is nothing like seeing her shove his binkie in his mouth while he's sound asleep and he's turning his head back and forth trying very hard to stay asleep and avoid the binkie thrust. Princess J is very good at letting me know when Little J or Peanut J need something and she's really good at tattling on Little J! There are still days in the car where Princess J will hold hands with Little J, but these days are growing further and further apart as she loves to tell him NO! Little J still tries very hard to console her when she's upset, but gives up much more quickly as she screams louder and louder at him! It really is hilarious to watch them together. While they "bicker" like typical siblings, they are also very protective of eachother. While Princess J is more than happy to tattle on Little J, she still doesn't like it when he gets in trouble and Little J does not like it when she gets in trouble.

We're already 2 months into the new year and while I didn't make any resolutions, I do have some things I'd like to work on in the new year. I'll recap those in a later post. So far progress is slow.....but tomorrow is a new day!

Enjoy the photos! Photos of Little J coming soon!


island jen said... glad to see you on the bloggity again, especially since i'm not on facebook!! i can't believe how big the kids are getting!! they are beautiful!!

emelyn said...

HI Laurie!! Wow, I can't believe he is already 6 months old! Time totally just passes by!! I wonder when the gang is going to hook up again...I miss seeing you all!!