Monday, February 15, 2010

That {Elusive} Smile

Happy Presidents Day! Since today was a holiday and G had to work, the kids and I stayed home. Most of the day was spent in jammies and playing.
Later in the day, I took advantage of the beautiful sunshine, Princess J's sunny disposition, and Peanut J's napping to play around with the camera. I took almost 200 photos of this little girl! I got lots of good photos, but many of them are going to need some photoshop of my goals to work on! These photos will be lots of fun to play around with.
In general, Princess J is an unwilling model. Mostly, it's mommy looking like a fool, laying on the ground, jumping up running after Princess and singing silly cartoon songs and telling her that different characters are in my camera and that she should look for them. Oh, what my neighbors must think when they see this spectacle! Today, Princess J still was on her own program, but she was tolerant of the camera. It was still me jumping through hoops, but she was having a good time and it didn't hurt taht she was in love with this little outfit from Target. She spent lots of time twirling the skirt around and just exploring the front yard, since it's been awhile since we've been able to play on the grass. As I was looking through the photos, this one just popped out at me....that smile! This little girl has such a beautiful smile, but she never wants to show it to the's always just mommy snapping away hoping to catch it. Usually, if I ask her to show me her smile, she turns her back to the camera and does it facing the other way! Such a stinker! I captured that elusive smile!!! It made mommy's day!
Some of Princess J's favorites are:
Cartoons: Backyardigans, Umizoomi, Max and Ruby aand Wow, Wow, Wubbzy.
Words: NO! Boo! My Room! Stay Home! and now.....she says that Daddy is the Po Po!
Foods: McDonalds Happy Meal (Chicken Nuggies and French Fries), Grapes, Strawberries, Princess Cookies (Madelines at Starbucks) and Lolipops. She's still a stubborn eater....sigh...
Toys: Little People Princess Castle and books!
Latest Stinker Moves: She likes to have the door closed in our room when she goes to sleep next to mommy or daddy. The door was open and she didn't want us to close it, she wanted to do we let her....she ran to the door, went out of the room and shut the door quickly behind her heading to play with toys I'm sure! Removing baby gates from where they belong.

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Tayde said...

HI there! just stopping off to visit the blogs and I see your beautiful princess goodness she is just soooo gorgeous! I love her lil tutu! It's always sooo fun to read your blog!:) smiles and warm greetings from sunny YUMA!