Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just got home!

Hey everyone! Long time no blog! Hope everyone has been fabulous! We just got home from our two week vacation with my in-laws. We had some ups and we had some downs. I've got tons of pictures to upload and share with ya'll. Lots of stories too! I hope to be able to get a good post in tomorrow night. We've got lots of stuff to finish up this week on G's last week of vacation. I'm meeting our tax attorney tomorrow, to get out taxes completed. I'm really hoping for a nice refund!

It was so nice to have everything go so smoothly today. I had lots of things to do including restocking our food shelves! I had to go to the hospital where little J was born, to have his medical records released for an upcoming appointment he has. Keep him in your prayers if you don't mind. He will be having is motor skill development evaluated next week. He's a little behind in some things, so just as a precautionary measure, we're having him evaluated. In my heart, I'm sure everything will be just fine, but I'm sure a few prayers wouldn't hurt any!


REne said...

Sending good thoughts your way girlie for little J. Hope to see you tomorrow.

island girl said...

glad to hear your vaca was good! i'll be thinking about little J..i'm sure he'll be fine!!

post pics soon!