Saturday, April 08, 2006

Just had to share this photo!

This has to be the cutest photo I have ever seen in my entire life! Okay, so I know that I say that everytime I post a photo. We had this photo taken at one of those old time photo places while we were on vacation. Little J was such a ham! I was so suprised at his willingness to ham it up for us too. While we were on vacation, the first few days at the beach were very eventful. When we first got there, little J ended up in the emergency room with a fever of 104.5, that we just couldn't get to come down. Poor little thing was so out of it. We were in the emergency room for almost 5 hours while my heart was breaking as they were doing all of these tests on him to try to figure out the cause of the high fever. As always, he was such a trooper! He survived the blood draw and the antibiotic shot. He also survived the place they said is not for mommys. They decided to do a chest xray. The nurse took little J and G into the xray room. All I could hear was my poor little one screaming! G said they put him in this contraption, that he could only describe as something resembling what Hanibal Lecter was in whenever they would move him in that movie Silence of the Lambs. It was a tube thing that made his arms stick straight up over his head, and his little body in the tube. He sat on this thing that was like a saddle. Ugh, so glad I didn't have to see that. I was already heartbroken that he was sick to begin with not to mention on the needles. At first, they were talking about admitting him, but once the fever came down, and he was acting more like himself, they said if they could see him drink fluids, they would let us take him home. Thankfully, he guzzled down the 8 oz. of Pedialyte they gave him! Whew! The fun wasn't over yet though, we had to give him medication around the clock to keep the fever in check. Then we had to return to the ER doctor to have a morning re-check of his condition. After that, we thought we were free and clear, his fever had subsided, and we were told to not give him any more medication unless the fever returned. His fever returned 6 hours later. We went back to giving him the medication and called our home Pediatrician. She said more than likely it was related to his MMR vaccination and that if it was, it would subside by the next bed time, we were well on the way to recovery! Yay!

I bet you think the fun stopped there though! NO WAY! When we go on vacation, there is always more fun to be had. After not having much sleep from the round the clock medication giving I did, I was so looking forward to the sleep I was gonna get the next night. I was all cuddled up in bed, read my book for awhile, and driffted off to a peaceful sleep around midnight. At 1:35 am, we wake to this horrible sound. G and I get up and are trying to find the source of this horrific's the fire alarm! We both try covering it up, like it's the one at home and the battery is dead. We then look at each other and come to this realization, that we are in a hotel facility and they are not on your regular Energizer battery! Supprisingly, G and are are the only ones in our 3 bedroom hotel suite awake. The In-laws, my nephew and his friend, and my little J are all sound asleep. How on earth could they possibly be sleeping? So, G runs and knocks on all the bedroom doors, we start putting on some warm clothes (since it's freezing and raining outside), I pack up a bag of stuff of little J and we are ready to vacate, when we realize that still no one else in our suite is awake! So, G knocks on his parents door again, and on our nephews door. The In-laws wake up and start to leave, but G has to physically go in and wake up our nephew and his friend. We start evacuating and have to walk down 8 flights of stairs. By this time, the stairwells are a quick moving line of lots of sleepy people. As we get to the bottom floor, we saw what looked like smoke on the first floor as we were exiting. That really freaked me out. When we finally get outside and the Fire Department arrives, we find out that it was all some spring break shenanigans! A group of teens apparently set off the fire alarm and let off some smoke bombs. We still had to wait for the Firefighters to clear the smoke and do a check of the building, so we were all standing out in the freezing cold for about an hour. Little J was all wrapped up in 2 blankets, one over his head, and he thought we were playing a game. He was laughing the whole time! It was such a terrible prank. There were so many little babies out there with their parents trying to keep them warm and cozy, lots of older people who you could tell that the stairs were probably a difficulty for them. I was actually freaked out the entire time, when we were getting ready to leave, I went to grab my wedding ring, and could only find the engagement ring and I started crying (I'm such a baby!). The only things I could think about were having the things that little J needed, making sure we all got out okay, and that I had my wedding ring. I was horrified when I couldn't find it. Shockingly, I didn't even think about my camera until we got the all clear to go back inside.


island girl said...

ok, note to self: no going on vaca with laurie and her family...way too eventful!!

i can't believe little man got sick again!! poor guy!!

i totally love that pic too, you can so tell he was hamming it up for the scrappers, we got those babies trained!!

Michelle W. said...

poor little J!!! OMG. I'm sorry to hear that Laurie!

He is such a cute baby!!! You are a lucky scrapbook mama!


Rene said...

That is the cutest photo!