Thursday, April 13, 2006

Just a little something G wrote....

So, this has nothing to do with what I had posted about little J earlier, so no worries there. Here is G's recap of our fun evening:

T'was the night before going to see the Easter Bunny at the mall when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a little J. With ma in her kerchief and I in my cap had just settled into bed for a one nights rest. When all of a sudden we both heard such a clatter, a loud cough and flaaaa, ma jumped from the bed to see what was the matter. She scurried down the hall to little J's room she went, she then called me in. I then also sprang from the bed, down the hall to little J's room I went and there I saw our poor little J baby laying in his bed next to some thrown up Chef Boy R Dee. Wet towels, wet sheets, wet wipes, what ever you could find Ma screamed. I hurried to wipe off poor little J and the Chef Boy R Dee. We then got little J all changed and were about ready to sit him down a spell then what do my wondering eyes should appear, that's right more projectile vomit from little J's mouth 100%. We then wiped him down with what ever we could find and changed his outfit for a second time. We then were able to sit little J in his chair, but a moment only did it last, that's right more projectile vomit 100%. Oh why, oh why, I moaned to Ma why did you have to feed little J the spaghetti he had thrown. Little J threw up his dinner, his lunch, and his snack, when still more kept coming 100%. We scurried out into the old Yukon sleigh and drove on down to the Hospital for a little stay. We walked into the emergency room and it was filled like packed snow. We asked if they could see him immediately and they said no. I then sat with Ma in the corner and had little J do his best, that's right more projectile vomit all over the waiting room floor 100%. It's now 4 and a half hours later and we are all back at home. Oh please, oh please, don't let me hear anything else thrown. Little J was given some medicine and ice to replinish his fluids. Let's try this again Ma to get that one nights rest. Good night.

P.S. It wasn't really Chef Boy R Dee, it was baby spaghetti, but when it comes back up it all looks the same.

Sorry if this grossed anyone out too much, but at least G has shared a chuckle out of our oh so fun evening! Little J seems to be doing fine now. He's all snug as a bug in his bed! :)


island girl said...

awwww...pooor guy!! although i'll give G credit for creativity!!

Rene said...

Oh man, I can picture G through all of this. Glad little J is feeling better (get some sleep).