Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hey all you 80's fans!

Do you remember this guy? Do you remember drooling over him on General Hopsital? Do you remember listening to his tunes at your junior high or high school dances? Well, lucky me! After all these years, I finally get to see Rick Springfield in concert. I am attending the Star 101.3 Second Chance Prom with my good friends Suzy and Lizz. Just for the record, we are not wearing prom gear. Well, there is an alterior motive for going to see him. Lizz and I sort of have a little job to assist on at this gig. Here is the scoop.

Do you remember that episode of Friends with Isabella Rossellini? It was from 1996, and it was called "The one with Frank Jr." Anyway it's the one where Ross has his laminated list of all the celebrities he is allowed to "date" without getting in trouble. Well, my friend Suzy has one such list. The list only contains one guessed it Rick Springfield. So, Lizz and I have been appointed as the girls who are to catapult Suzy onto the stage to make all her dreams come true.

I got my Fuji disposable camera ready! This event should provide us with some real fun photos. Stay tuned! This event should be SCRAPALICIOUS!


Suzy West said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! I love this!!! Thanks girlfriend!!!!! Go check out my blog!!!!
Suzy West

mare said...

Heh, have fun! Yes, I drooled over RS on GH but now it's all about his son!

island girl said...

OMG! Must see pictures, must see pictures!!

cheerful cropper said...

where are the pics from last night???