Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Photos of my new shoes!

Just sharing a few photos of the new shoes I'm loving right now!

These first shoes, I got at the Steve Madden store at a mall nearby. I love the fact that they were on sale, as I've been looking for a cute pair of brown wedge style shoes! Can't wait to wear them!


These, were just calling my name! I saw that beautiful orange, and I was hooked! Then, when the sales girl brought the shoe, and I saw the name of the style, there was no way I was leaving without them! They come in a cute blue and green as well, and I'm thinking I might need the blue color too!


cheerful cropper said...

love, love, love your new shoes...i *need* new shoes! check my blog tomorrow and i will post my new shoes (that i am going out tomorrow and buying!!! LOL)

sylvia said...

holy smokes! are those shoes hot or what??? love them. they have my name written all over them and lookey there, they're my size! :)

Lara said...

Cute the orange ones.

berta said...

Laurie, cute shoes!!!! Those orange ones were made for you!!
I was catching up on your blog today, glad to hear things are falling into place w/ little J. The earlier the better with therapy and help will make your new journey so much easier.
Elmo was a big fav at our house too! When Henry was a new baby I got him one the first year "tickle me elmo" was so "hot". Could have sold him for 20 times what I paid! 9 years later he is still going strong!!

Rene said...

Gotta love the shoes, and you have to buy ALL the colors since they have your name on them!

island girl said...

apparently it's shoe shopping season, b/c i've bought four pairs of shoes in a matter of 2 days!!

those are some hottie shoes girl!!