Friday, June 30, 2006

Just For Fun!

See how well you know your United States geography! I'll fess up, I only got 80% with an average error of 160 miles. Have fun!

Things have been crazy here, with our company. Today was the first day that G, little J and I have had the house to ourselves for awhile. It's nice! It was great having G's sister here though...she painted our living room for us! I love it! Can't wait to get new furniture and get it all set for relaxing!

I did get some new shoes...I'll have to post those later..they are CAUTE! We spent a day in San Francisco and got some great pictures...I'll have to post those later too. I also went back to an old hobby...counted cross stitch. I have not done that in say 15 years! Don't think I'm giving up scrapping though!


Rebecca said...

Ack! I'm HORRIBLE at geography! I won't even try 'cause I don't want to see what a looser I am LOL

I didn't think anyone did counted cross stitch anymore :) Have a happy 4th

Melissa said...

I have tried counted cross stitch... My problem is the counting part... I get distracted way to easy for it... :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come by anytime!

Adrienne said...

Laurie, I saw one of your comments on another AS blog and stopped by to visit. I have a little J. with AS too. :-) Your little J. is a DOLL! So cute. I know he is the light of your life, just like our Joshua is in ours.

I see you just got J's diagnosis recently, and I know it must be a roller coaster of time for your family. I am glad that you are able to connect with other mom's in your area, what a great thing that is!

Just wanted to say hi. :-)