Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just a random post....

So, I know your sick of hearing this, but it's now down to 13 days until the new arrival. I'm feeling all kinds of things right now. 1. I can't wait to get my body back! 2. I'm gonna miss feeling her move and kick! 3. Oh my, I'm gonna have to chase after 2 little ones. 4. I'm gonna have a little princess!! 5. Oh goodness...they have to get this thing outta me..I'm not so sure I'm ready for that. See, the whole back and forth thing going on here. As far as getting her out, I'm a little nervous, even though I know what to expect. Still not fun to think they are gonna cut you open.

So on to the fluff stuff now! Dude! I love television! So many good shows on right now! Actually, too many good shows on right now! I know I've talked about this before, but I'm just so giddy with the television love right now! Here's what I'm lovin' 1. Amazing Race -Go Uchenna and Joyce! I was rooting for Romber, but since they are gone, I gotta root for Uchenna and Joyce. I swear these are the only two people who just take on the task and leave the whining to all the babies. 2. American Idol....Please, for the love of music, send Sanjaya home tonight! We were watching last night, and I was a bit worried about the future of music when the little girl was crying those happy "i love you" tears while he was singing. Thank goodness they showed her crying for the others as well! Whew! 3. Survivor...what doodoohead thought it was a good idea to put this on at the same time as AI the last few weeks. 4. Pussycat Dolls/Search for the Next Doll..Don't even ask how I found this show or how I got hooked....I'm almost embarassed to admit it. 5. The Hills 6. Engaged and Underage 7. Real World- Denver 8. Dancing with the Stars...Go Cheryl and Ian!!! It is definately time for Cheryl to three-peat!! 9. Crossing Jordan

Here are other shows I love, but wish they would be done with the re-runs already! All three Law and Order shows, ER, CSI -Las Vegas.

Oh well, enough fluff. I hope to be done with most of the little ones room tomorrow, so I will try and post some photos.


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erin y said...

not me not me!!! i love reading your threads, and believe me, i totally know what you mean about the whole push/pull thing regarding the baby!!! you crack me up girl! you're not alone.
ok...didn't know rob and amber were romber, but LOVE that name. i was totally cheering for them too, and i'm right with is all about uchenna and joyce now! i can't stand mirna and shmirna or however you say their names!

and for the love of...yes, please sanjaya must go! but no...he is still there. and please, no more photos of the teenage girl sobbing uncontrollably...i don't care who she was rooting for, enough is enough! got it goin on with your TV! i can barely keep up!

i miss you girl, see you soon!!