Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Negative into a Positive...

This really was going to be a negative post. It was going to be one of your some people really suck posts. The worst part of this post was that it involved people that I thought were friends. It's very possible that I'm overreacting with all these end of the preggo hormones, but I don't think it is. Anyway, many of you who are my friends know that Little J has a diagnosis and that he is developmentally delayed. It is a heartwrenching thing to have happen. You always want the best for your children and have so many hopes and dreams for them, you never imagine that this could happen to your child.

I want everyone to know, that I am so blessed to have been trusted by God to care for this amazing little boy. I see more love and have more pride than anyone could ever hope for. This little boy is one of the best things that has ever come into my life. To those people who shy away from me since our diagnosis, all I can say is your loss. I also hope and pray, that if this does happen to you or someone in your family, that you will step up to the plate and be a support for them. It can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, even with the greatest technology, reproduction is not a perfect science. Many, many things can and do go wrong. This is not something that we passed on to our child, it was just a random occurence. So, for those of you who question our choice to have another child, maybe you should find out the facts before you jump to conclusions. Your words, while they are meaningless to me now after the fact. They do hurt when they are first said.

Here is the bright side of things....when something as serious as this happens to your family, you really do find out who your friends are. I have been blessed with some of the most amazing friends and I want to thank them all, for all their support, and friendship. I love spending time with all of you and I know that Little J loves you all too. You all know who you are! Thank you, because if it were not for you, I don't think I would be able to overlook the negative in some people. It's the power of all your positivity (is that a word) that inspires me, makes me have a positive outlook on our situation, and not feel like a pariah.


erin y said...

ok, literally i'm in tears. this is what happens when i get so upset, i cannot think straight. while i do not know the entirety of this thread, i do not need to.

here's what i do know...
you are an AMAZINGLY strong woman, who is grounded, and all about family.
you have a huge heart and such powerful ways of comforting, it is inspiring!
you are the BEST mom for little j and for your little princess on the way!
you are awesome girlie, you truly are!

just look at the title of your thread afterall!

you go girlie!!!

i love you!



island girl said... glad you have such a tight cirlce of friends that YOU know you can depend on!! I'm sure Little J gets more lovin' than he can handle!

mesogoofy2 said...

I'm so sorry that you've experienced people who you thought were friends distancing themselves from you....that's ridiculous. well, like you said "THERE LOSS"! You are an amazing woman, mom, friend and I'm very fortunate to have met you through Suzy and the Garage and feel very lucky!!!! I can't wait to meet your newest addition to the fam!!!! Love Ya!~

Suzy said...


I am in tears right now. I told you this before but I'll say it again. God gave Josh to you because he knew that he would need a special person for a mommy.
Everytime I take a look at Josh I can feel his amazing love and happy spirit. You are an amazing mom to him and you will be an amazing mom to the little princess coming into your life very soon!!

I love you and am here for you. Can


erin yamabe said...

hi there!

after knowing you came out to suzy's today knowing i would be there, and getting to meet your precious little princess and our chat, i had to post on this thread once more!

you are an AMAZING woman, mother and friend! i am so happy to see you do not let anyone take that away! you GO GIRL!!!

love ya!