Saturday, March 24, 2007

Love a yellow box!

As I was leaving today for Suzy's official grand opening at Picture Me Perfect, I saw the postman arrive on our street. He generally starts at the house right across the street. When he pulled up, and started organizing his load for the street, I recognized a familiar yellow box through the window. My parents live in Switzerland, so they have these yellow letter post boxes. I was so giddy, cause I'd been waiting for the package since my stepmom told me that had found a few things for the baby. It couldn't have been better timing either! I waited for the mailman to bring me that package. It seemed like it took forever! Finally, he started his route and dropped it off to me....I ran in the house all giddy to open it and see what was in store for our princess! Much to my glee, I opened it up and found 2 cute sundresses and this adorable Hello Kitty outfit!! Yipee!! As most of you know, I am a Hello Kitty fanatic. Love me some Hello Kitty! Now, I can't wait for our little princess to wear her Hello Kitty proud....and of course I'm planning a scrapbook page for this too!

Suzy's Grand Opening party was fantastic! I am so happy for her and her new venture. There were so many people that turned out for the event! It was really great to see lots of the other Garage Girls too, as sometimes we don't see eachother as often as we'd like. I got to see Krista, Kent, Erin, Michelle, Carole and Nichole! Love these super talented and awesome friends!! Check out the Garage Girls and their amazing layouts
here! Just scroll down until you see the Junk Yard link!


erin y said...

we love hello kitty, too!!! once the girls are done, you can have all of our stuff!!!

you look awesome girl!!! just beautiful, so happy you stayed until i could get there today!

i love ya!

cheerful cropper said...

hello kitty is the best!
it was nice seeing and chatting with you yesterday too! i came home inspired!!

Rebecca said...

How cute! Now you can have Hello Kitty hang out with the Ninja Turtles, what a fun house it's gonna be lol :)

Suzy said...

Hey there girlie!! OMG that outfit is so cute!!!! Shop on girlfriend!!!LOL

I had sooooooooo much fun at the grand opening!!!! Thanks for helping out!! YOU ROCK!!!



jo said...

Love the outfit! Too cute! :) Hello Kitty so rocks!

It was so great to see you yesterday! I miss scrappin' with you!


mesogoofy2 said...

I love hello kitty too! I always get teased for buying hello kitty pens and stuff!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on having your baby girl! I'm sure you'll be posting pics as soon as your up to it!!!!!!!! So excited for you!