Friday, March 23, 2007

Who says a little shopping can't bring happiness?

I hope nobody says it, because if they do they are lying!!! Got some things crossed off my list of things to do, so that is great! The things I got done were all about spending some quality time at the local mall too! Wahoo! So much fun! First I had to head to Pottery Barn Kids, to purchase the tiebacks and finials for the baby's room. They are soooo stinkin' cute! I do remember, that I promised to post some photos of the baby's room, but we're not quite done yet. Then it was off to Gymboree. I picked up an outfit for little J, from their "Little Rome" collection. Our little princess has an outfit from this line as well, so I thought it would be adorable for them to have cooridinating outfits for our first family photo when we bring her home. Then, I had to go and give Bare Essentuals a little love too. Love their make-up some on QVC last night too! LOL! Then we went to Nordstrom, I swear, I was only going there to get the MAC make-up wipes. I loved having these things while I was in the hospital with Little J! Made my face feel clean and refreshed every morning and evening! Anyway, I found the cutest shirt for Little J, with Cookie Monster on it and it says "Got Cookie?" Little J loves his cookies!! I'll have to post a picture, since I can't find one online anywhere. Well, that was our fun for today, tomorrow, I'll be hanging out at Picture Me Perfect for the grand opening!! Come by if your in the neighborhood, it's going to be lots of fun!!!!


cheerful cropper said...

i did some shopping today too- at Carters. I couldn't resist the pink frilly outfits and a real cozy, soft blanket. see you tomorrow :)

Stephanie said...

i love MAC! and it sounds like you had a great time babby shopping. those things in the baby dept. are sooo cute!