Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where did the last nine months go???

Wow! As of today, we have 16 days until the arrival of our new little one! I think we've almost got everything done that needs to be done. I can't believe it is coming up so quick! Little J is doing so well too, I really feel blessed! I will say though, that the more pregnant I get, the more Little J seems like a mack truck coming through. I really miss being able to sit on the floor and just play with him. He's just way to strong now and it is way too hard to get off the floor now. As a matter of fact, just a week ago, I thought it would be fun to play with Little J in the ball pit he has, so I climbed in. We played for a little bit, and then he got tired of it and crawled away. He kept coming back, because I was still in there, but he'd just come back and laugh.....that's because mommy couldn't get out! I had to call for G to come down and help me out. Way too funny!

The days are flying by, but thankfully, I've spent some days busy with appointments, others taking naps and others with great friends! This last Friday, I went to the scrapbook expo and met up with Vanessa, Jenn and Erin. Jenn and I walked around for a few hours, and then sat outside for the million dollar lunch. Check this out. $15 for a Grilled Italian Garlic Chicken Sandwich, Garlic Fries and a bottle of water. Talk about sticker shock! It was yummy though. Then it was time to head home to take over Little J duties from G. G had to go to court on his day off for some crazies that wanted to fight their tickets. I guess they were just hoping that he wouldn't show up so they could get out of it. No such luck! Anyway, then later, I went to Suzy's store Picture Me Perfect for the very first crop! I got to hang out some more with Erin and Jen, and then Michelle came to scrap with me too. I tell you, these three ladies are full of creativity and inspiration. Me, I'm so preggo, that I just sat there and enjoyed their company. I didn't have any energy left in me to scrap, but I was so happy to be hanging out with the girls!

Oh, and thanks to Jenn, I am no officially addicted to the Andes Mint Milk Shake at Jack in the Box. Unfortunately the Jack in the Box near my house sucks big time. Their Shake machine is down all the freakin' time. First, I tried to go on Friday on my way to Suzy's, I ordered at the drive through, and they told me their machine was down. This really sucked, because of course there were two cars in front of me and several behind me. So I had to wait in the lousy drive through line for nothing! What was even worse, is the lady in front of me gets her food, and then pulls up just enough so I can get to the window to retrieve the nothing I ordered and decides that's a good time to hand out the food to all her kiddos. I honked at her, but she still took for freaking ever! Then I went in on Saturday (did not trust the drive-thru), but again, no shake. Thankfully, G went out to Baskin and Robbins after dinner and got me my favorite Mint Chip Ice Cream! All was well!

Another thing I've been really wanting lately is Linguine and Clams! Ugh! It really sucks when you can't have the thing you really want! Soon...very soon though!


mesogoofy2 said...

hey there scrappin' buddy!!! Glad you are now hooked on the Andes Mint Shake! ha ha! It's super yummy huh?! Well anytime we crop together over here, remind me and I'll get you one!!!! =)

Had a great time hanging with you, Erin and Michelle friday night. So glad to be scrappin' more often again!!!!! I was going to do some more today but decided to tag along to the bday party my son went to at the Santa Clara Paintball place... It was fun, but HOT!!!!!! Got some good pics for a future layout (I'm always thinking ahead. =)

Well, I'm gonna go relax and enjoy what's left of the to ya soon!!!

erin y said...

hey there andies mint milkshake, where was i? yummo, i will see if our jack in the box has them, and if so...when i know i will be seeing you, i will pick you up one! it is the simple things in life that make a difference, you have taught me that well sister!

and don't you just love the chicken giardino and alfredo dipping sauce combo now...and i will have to get a roy rogers next time, since it is alcohol free, LOL!

take care my friend! i can't wait to meet your new little one too:)

cheerful cropper said...

ooohh- andes milk shake- i gotta try that one!

island girl said...

wow...just around the corner chica! so excited for you!!

Stephanie said...

awww. thanks for stopping by the mm blog today and posting a comment!

that shake sounds good. no jack in the box on the east coast, but i did have a mint cookies and cream shake from chick-fil-a yesterday, and it was yummy

thanks again!

kent's friend stephanie.