Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Little J is in the Top 10!

Only a few days after making the badge for Little J, he has 8 donations for a total of $250! Thank you everyone who has donated and who has sent words of prayer, love and support. We really appreciate it. We also want to thank those of you who have slapped Little J's badge on to your blogs and Myspace pages!! Very awesome! Not only are we raising money for a great organization that really supports families of this rare neuro-genetic disorder with contacts and lots of education. They also are the primary fiancial support of research to help find medical treatment and hopefully someday a cure! We are also getting the word out about this disorder. One of the things that I hear from other parents and I've experienced myself is that many have not heard of this disorder and many in the medical community are not familiar with it. It is so frustrating to go into an ER with your child sick and the medical staff has no idea what your talking about when you tell them your child has Angelman Syndrome. Even better, is when you tell someone and they look at you like you have 10 heads! Thankfully, that has not happened for us at our local medical facilities. Currently Little J's badge is sitting in the #8 spot. In order for him to get the matching donation he needs to be in the top 6. There is a minimum donation of $10, but again, it is the quantity of donations not the total dollar amount that they are counting.

If you do not know our story or have not yet read our story, please do so below. I will continue to update Little J's progress here periodically along with that of his new sidekick Princess J!

Thank you again for all your continued support both with this campaign and for all your prayers and support.

If you would like to post Little J's badge on your blog, just let me know and I can forward the HTML codes to you!! We'd love the help! Thanks so much!


erin yamabe said...

thank you for posting this girlie! i love what you shared and how you shared it all:)

just donated, and i would LOVE to add a badge on my blog. just send the info over.


Rebecca said...

That's awesome!

How long is the awareness campaign going on?

bruinbr said...

this is awesome news! have to keep spreading the word!

jo said...

Yay for the Top 10! That's awesome!!! :)