Saturday, August 04, 2007

Slipping a Little

Little J is still in the Top 10 for his charity badge! Yay Little J!!! He has 11 donations totaling $320! Thanks again to all of you who have donated! Thanks also to all of you who have slapped Little J on your blog or your MySpace page! I think there are at least 5 other places besides this blog and my MySpace page where Little J's smile is beaming from!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! We have until September 16th to keep this going! I am still hoping that we can get Little J's badge at least into the top 6 so the Angelman Syndrome Foundation can benefit from the matching donation from Hanes. I still have hopes that he can be the top badge, but we are a long way from there. I think the top badge has about 110 donations! So, keep slapping his badge up on your blogs and keep spreading the word! Afterall, that is really what this is about. Raising awareness and seeing what one Little boys smile can accomplish....with a little help from Mommy and some great supporters!If you haven't read our story, please see post from July 28th 2007!

On other fronts, Little J's sidekick Princess J is struggling with a bit of a rash. We think it's a combination of milk allergy (since her daddy and I both suffered from this when we were wee little ones) and a bit of heat rash. She's been on this really nasty smelling formula for almost a week. Her doctor warned us that the smell was awful and told us we could try the soy formula if either we or Princess couldn't handle the other stuff. Well, since the nasty smelling stuff if supposed to be the gold standard when it comes to the milk allergy, G and I are determined to put up with the smell. Especially since she doesn't seem to mind drinking it down. she goes back to the pediatrician on Monday, so we'll see how this all works out. If she clears up, then we'll try the soy formula and see if she has any reaction to that. The soy formula would be much better for our wallet.

I have been lucky enough to get a little scrapping in too! Yay me! I've been so happy with my mojo lately! Although sometimes, trying to think outside the box and come up with ideas makes my head hurt!! LOL!!! Everything I came up with this time was girlie too, so Princess J is the headliner of the scrapping this time around. To anyone who is worried that I'm neglecting to scrap Little J, don't worry I just developed several new photos of him and have a few ideas I've jotted if I can just find the time to implement them!!


jo said...

Love the LOs girlie! So adorable! :)

Rebecca said...

LOL see how hard it is to keep it even! At least you get "girl mojo" :)

Cute layouts, Princess J is just a DOLL!

bruinbr said...

love your lo's! So sweet and girlie! :)

erin Yamabe said...

we'll keep princess j in our prayers.
both our girls have excema, and emi's was pretty bad in the heat. so, i feel for you with skin sensitivity stuff.
you know i'm happy you've got mojo over there...spread some to me please, i need all the help i can get lately. LOL

see you next sun:)

and u know i LOVE these los!!!

Lara said...

How awesome is that about Little J's badge being in the Top 10?!

And Jocelyn is such a cutie pie. Great LOs of her!

Bec said...

Love those LOs! Especially the ones with the black & white photos!