Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Quick Update!

Wow! I can't believe it's been a week since I've updated the ol' blog! This last week has been crazy busy though, so something had to give.

Friday the kiddos and I headed out to the scrapbook expo with Krista who is so stinkin' cute and we can't wait to meet her new little one who will arrive any day now, and Michelle. I did really well and stayed within' the $40 budget. I spent exactly $40 including entry fee! Yay!! Then we all headed over to see Suzy at Picture Me Perfect. I'd been there earlier in the week, so I kept the wallet closed there. I did take the time to feed the little ones while we were there.

Saturday, the kiddos and I just hung out and got some things done around the house and ran some errends. Sunday though, it was back to Picture Me Perfect for the SIStv SISters crop! It was so much fun! I got to hang with som many of my peeps and met a few new peeps too! You have got to check out this awesome SISter Michelle Hill! She is super sweet! She is super creative and just an awesome person! She has an etsy shop where she sells monthly scrap kits that look scrumptious! Check them out in her etsy shop Life is Good. You will not be disappointed!

Early week is very busy for us with Little J's therapy appointments. He has 2 full hours of therapy on Monday's. Thank goodnes they come to the house! On Tuesday, we take him to his physical therapy appointment. This week, was the first week that he met his new PT from California Children's Services. His original PT Jessica came to this appointment to help transition him to his new therapist Sherry. We are so sad to be losing Jessica, she has been working with him for over a year now and he has made such incredible progress. We are happy to have Sherry on Little J's team now though. I think it will be a good change in the end, but when people invest so much time and their professional help in your child, it really feels like your losing a member of the family. This last month or so has been a lot of changes in Little J's therapies. Almost everyone working with him now is new within the last month or so.

As for our campaign to raise awareness for Angelman Syndrome, Little J's badge has fallen out of the top 10. He's out of 10th place by 11 donations. In order to get the matching funds from Hanes, he needs to be in the top 6, which he is out of by 49 donations. If you feel moved to donate or help his campaign, it just takes a minimum donation of $10. The funds go directly to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. This foundation, funds lots of research and clinical trials. Little J is getting ready to participate in the Natural History study, which will follow him and his progress and medical needs until he is 5. This will give researchers the ability to come up with ideas of how to treat medical issues and hopefully someday find a cure. He may also participate in a vitamin therapy program. While we may not see a cure in our lifetime, all the information they collect can only help and may one day provide a cure. Little J's badge is located on the side bar near the top of my blog. Just click on the "donate" button and it will take you to the Network for Good website. If you can't see the badge or it doesn't seem to be working for you, just leave me a comment and I will send you a link.

Now that I've asked for your help again, I do want to really thank everyone who has donated already. Some of you I don't even know in real life, only from message boards or just reading eachothers blogs. Some of you have a connection to Angelman Syndrome like we do and others just read Little J's story and donated. Thank you so much! My friends who have donated, you know you all mean the world to me, and that you take the time to help us raise awareness, and always offer your time and support for us and Little J just makes me so happy. I'm so glad you all are my peeps! You all know if you ever need anything, I am so there for you! this wasn't so quick afterall........ :)


erin yamabe said...

ahh...that is why i love you so! a girl after my own heart. i could start what i think to be a simple blog or post...and then it seemingly goes on forever, much like this one!

i had so much fun with you sunday girlie!!! hope to see you this friday night or are they here already?

cheerful cropper said...

i had fun at the expo too :) good people, good fun!

i can't wait to meet my lil one either!!! :)

bruinbr said...

you are so good sticking to you $40 budget!! :) glad you had so much fun!