Wednesday, August 08, 2007

There's Some Scrap Happy Fun in the Near Future!

Yay!! This weekend, I will be getting my scrap on! Friday, I'm loading up the kiddos and braving the Scrapbook Expo in Santa Clara! Obviously, since I'm taking the kiddos, I'm not taking any classes, just going to look around....okay, maybe a little shopping too! LOL!! We'll see how taking both kiddos with me goes. It seems like it's getting easier for me to cart the two little ones around together. Although, it always comes down to, that I just have to make it work, because I'm not one to sit and home all day.

Sunday, I'm going to be scrapping with my homies for most of the day and night! I am so excited about this! Tomorrow, I'm going to try and spend the day organizing my scraproom (in between kid feedings, diapers and play time) and putting some ideas together on paper to complete at the crop! So excitied to hang out with Suzy, Erin, Rocio, Lizz, Carole, Angel, and Michelle. I know it will be a good time. I've gotta take some new photos of the kids too! Oy, so much to do to get ready for all the fun!!

In Little J's endeavor to raise awareness for Angelman Syndrome, he's still on the move upwards! He is still sitting in 9th place. He's only 21 donations out of 6th place right now. Everytime I open up this blog, I am so excited to see his total going up and up and up!!! I know is infectious little smile can keep those donor numbers going up! Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting his campaign!!!

If I get those photos taken tomorrow, I'll make sure to post some! Princess J is growing and changing so fast. Everyday, it seems like she's doing something new and amazing. I can't believe she's already 4 months still seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with her. I already miss how tiny she was the first week! It's so funny that is seems like I just brought her home yesterday, but it also feels like she's been here forever at the same time! I can't imagine our family without her!


bruinbr said...

woohoo! can't wait to see all the scrappy goodness after this weekend (lo's and supplies! :)


milkcan said...

Have fun in Santa Clara!

Peggy Severins said...

How exciting, have fun at the Scrapbook Expo.

Becca said...

Have fun at the Expo--and at the crop! : )


sylvia said...

have fun at the expo!! wish i could join you. i gotta figure out when you're all cropping so i can join in the fun too! have lots of fun and gets lots done!!

StarrAltered said...

have fun at the expo... good luck with the kiddos (mine freak out if i even mention taking them ;-)

erin said...

had sooooooooooo much fun with you girlie!!! so much fun! loved your stickled layered flowers lo...and the design of it all. now go get those pics LOL

can't wait to hang again soon!

Anonymous said...

fri was fun laurie! your lil ones were so well behaved!

hope the crop on sun was successful :)