Thursday, July 31, 2008

$6.55 per hour....Are you Kidding me?

So, today Governor Schwartenegger signed the executive order reducing state workers pay to just $6.55 per hour which is the federal minimum wage standard. Thankfully, this does not affect us, but still....are you freaking kidding me?

1. How are families supposed to survive on this when they have been living their lives based on their current wage? How are they going to pay their mortgage that they were approved for based on their actual wage?

2. How on earth can the State of CA require employers within the state to pay the California State minumum
wage, but the Governor can pay the state employees less?

3. Why are the residents of the state and the employees who are actually doing their jobs taking the brunt of the problem and having to live with the consequences of what the Governor and the legislatures are not doing.

4. While the State Legislatures have not been paid since July 1st, maybe since it is their doing that a budget has not been passed, maybe for every 30 days that goes by they lose the previous months paycheck? They are the ones not doing their jobs.

5. In the end, this is going to cost the state more by not paying the state workers, since their pay will be retroactive and they will eventually get paid, but those checks are going to be crazy huge! By the time these families get their money though, the damage may already be done.

6. I hope State Controller John Chiang sticks to his guns and refuses to honor the Governors Executive order and continue to pay state workers as they are due.

Okay, so I am not very politically minded and don't claim to know it all when it comes to politics and the financial runnings of a state, but give me a break. This is crazy.

Oh, by the way....$6.55 an hour works out to be $1048.oo a month.....before taxes!

A lighter post to follow......


Rebecca said...

I'm one of those, yep, I'll have to work 10 hours to fill my tank up with gas. Scrap supplies....what are those? Forget about rent.

Yeah, it's sure to send California to a huge crash and burn...

Keely Miller said...

Sad isn't it. I really dislike Arnold Schwartenegger. I can't believe what this paycut is going to mean to families. I don't see Legislators having their pay cut. Why are we paying for their mistakes. I say we don't pay the Legislators until they pass the budget.

My daughter and I recieve In Home Supportive Services. Our home helper told us a few days ago that if Schwartenegger gets his way, she will have to quit working for us and go find a non state job. I really don't see anyone wanting to work for us for minimum wage. If this happens, poor DH Ryan might have to take some time off from work. We can't afford that financially. We need his income for food, transportation, rent, and bills.

Ugggghhhh, I don't know what we are gonna do. Thank you very much Schwartenegger. You are a real humanitariun!!!