Monday, July 28, 2008

Princess J has been deprived

How did I miss these? How did Princess J not get her first pair of high heels from her mommy before she was 6 months old. I hope she doesn't hate me forever and that she knows I had no intention of depriving her.
You all know, had I seen these, she would have had to have a pair. I think Grandma Libbi would have gotten her a few pairs too. These are too funny!
For those of you with little princesses in the 0-6 month range, you can check them out here at heelarious.


dcpa said...

Is there any doubt? Of course she has to have a pair for her collection. Someday they'll have the company of the Manolos, Choos, Louboutin, & Yves St. Laurents in Grandma Libbi's collection.

cheerful cropper said...

my gfriend forwarded these on to me awhile cute, but silly at the same time!

Patyrish said...

OMG I can almost guarantee that if I put those on Makily she would FREAK out. They are cute but insane at the same time.