Monday, July 21, 2008

This Little Boy......

is a little hero. I admire this little kid so much and I find that each and every day he teaches me something about myself and about others. In this little boy is bottled the secret to happiness. Every single day this little boy wakes up with a laugh and a smile. I have never been able to call him Mr. Grump or Crabby Pants.....not ever. His life can be hard though, there are many things he struggles with and many things that others take for granted that he tries with all his might to accomplish.
G and I feel so blessed to have this little boy in our lives, but it doesn't come without it's difficulties and heartaches.
When most people meet Little J, they immediately fall in love with those beautiful blue eyes and that amazing and pure joyful laugh and smile.
Tonight, I was just thinking about how rough the journey with a special needs child can be, but also about how lucky I am to have such a pure, joyful and incredible presence in my life. Little J has taught me more about faith and how to have it, to appreciate the little things.....because even little things can be huge, what's important and what really matters, who my friends really are, that you really can have friends in the world that you've never even met in person, and that no matter how rough things are going for you, you can still be there and make a difference in someone elses life. Most of all Little J makes me want to always strive to be a better person.
Little J is my little hero, because he has a never ending inner strength that keeps him working and trying to acheive new goals. He never gives up. He is definately full of pure joy, he always sees the best in others, he lights up a room with that joyful from the bottom of his soul smile and laugh, he is full of complete unconditional love.


cheerful cropper said...

this is such a sweet post for a sweet lil boy!

erin said...

what a beautiful post for your sweet boy, laurie. you have great story telling skills, aka writing. you know what i mean! love you girl!

Patyrish said...

It's amazing to me what Makily has taught me too. She has changed me in ways I never dreamed.

Little J is adorable and I love his smile.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

What a sweet tribute to an amazing little man.