Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Busy Week....and No Photos.

WOW! It's only Wednesday...well almost Thursday and I am exhausted from our busy week. We have gotten so much accomplished around here, but still have tons more to do. I've been on a cleaning frenzy for some strange reason. I have scrubbed every floor (except the wood floors) in our house. Mops just really don't cut it, I had to do it the old fashioned way. I must say I feel quite accomplished at the moment. Cleaned out the bedrooms and the bathrooms, The kitchen is on my hit list for tomorrow. We've gotten the oil changed on the car, done the necessary shopping and acquired some new furniture. Yay! The big tasks are still on my "to do" closet which is overstuffed to the gills, and my scraproom another overstuffed space. I'm not sure if I'm ready to part with anything in there yet though...hmmmmmm. We've had countless appointments this week, which includes therapies for Little J, a routine visit to his neurologist (who I have to say that I just adore!). She is one special Doctor. She really has a true passion for her profession, and a passion for her patients. She is soooo good to Little J! Thank you so much to Dr. H, for sending us to her!

Other good news we got today, we finally got the final payment approval for some much needed equipment for Little J. We went through lots to get it approved by our insurance company and now Little J's case manager has notified us that the other portion not covered by our insurance has also been approved for payment! Yay!!! We will hopefully soon have the equipment at home to make Little J safer, and make our lives easier. Things get rough when your little one cannot walk yet, but grows like a crazy weed! :D

Princess J is feeling better as well. She's got all her spunk (that's what we're calling her princess attitude these days) back!


Kent said...

Wow - you are accomplishing a lot this week! Good for you! Glad to hear you got approval for Little J's equipment. We need to get caught up on what reality tv we are watching!

erin said...

amen to checking things off your list girl!

cheerful cropper said...

wow! you got a lot accomplished! can you come over to my house? after a week of vacation or house needs some tlc. but where do you find the time??
good news on little j's equipment!