Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Dollar!

So, let me see how well I can explain this.....

Princess J has been a bit grumpy for the last couple of days, so I sort of knew she would be coming down with something.
Tonight, she has a runny nose and a slight temperature. We gave her a little bit of tylenol, because she was on the fussy/grumpy side and it was almost time for bed.
You wouldn't know she wasn't feeling well by these photos though. Everynight, part of her routine to go to bed is she watches Little Bill on Noggin. She loves this show! No matter where she is, when she hears the music for this show she makes a beeline for the television. Anyway, tonight we sat her in her little toddler chair to watch Little Bill. At the beginning of each show, they show the title and Little Bill and some of the other characters say the title of the show. Tonight, the first episode was "The Dollar" As Little Bill says "The Dollar", he lifts up his arms. As Princess J is watching the opening and he is lifting his arms up saying "The Dollar" she copies him! OMG, it was so funny and I was so lucky that I was actually trying to get shots of her not feeling well, because what came next was so stinkin' cute. So, then as the story goes along, Little Bill finds the dollar, and he picks it up and says "A Dollar!" and then starts singing "I found a dollar...I found a dollar" and Princess J is holding her hands up like Little Bill again (photo 1). So, then, I start holding my hands up and saying "The Dollar!" and she starts cracking up and holds up her arms....I swear this went on for like 5 minutes. It was so adorable!!
So anyway, I am totally in love with these photos of her tonight! Even if she is a bit on the cranky side. :D

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