Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Week in the Life....or Maybe Two.

So on Sunday, I started working on a project that Ali Edwards posted on her blog called "A Week in the Life: Documenting a week in your life" project. I knew I had a few special things planned this week that would be great to document as well as the typical things we do every week. Unfortunately, a monkey wrench got thrown into the mix (isn't that just like life!), so I considered starting fresh next week. The more I thought about it, though, the more I decided, that maybe I should document this week. Then I started thinking even more about it and was a little disappointed, that because of the monkey wrench, some typical, yet important things we do each week would be left out. This is what made me decide to do it for two weeks. I would be able to document the monkey wrench and the special things we had planned this week as well as documenting the typical things that we'll be back at next week. So....without further ado we move forward!

I'm going to gloss over the monkey wrench here, because I'm going to save documenting it for my final project rather than here on the blog. Our monkey wrench included a trip to our local hospital and doctor. Please know that everyone is fine :D Monday and Tuesday kept us mostly housebound...except for Little J who went to school.

This morning, we were mostly back in the groove of things. Little J went off to school, as you can tell by his face as I was getting him out of the car, he loves it there! As most of you know, Little J cannot walk independently yet, but to watch him at school working so hard on his walking skills is amazing! Recently, he began learning how to put his own lunch away at school! I love watching him walk with either his teacher or aide. After he puts his lunch away, it's time to sit at his desk and get to some serious preschool work!

Had to stop and get some gas today, so I thought it would be good to share and remind ourselves how much gas costs these days and what it costs to fill up the Sienna

After picking up Little J at school it's time to go home and relax a little....with a little Noggin'! Normally in a typical week, Little J would have a therapy appointment....but alas the monkey wrench rears it's lil' head. Little J sat with daddy for a little bit to watch his 'toons! I love this photo of them! Today we had a follow-up appointment at the doctor, so the kiddos got to start playing early!

Today, Princess J was a little ham for the camera! I love it! She also spent a little time with daddy showing off some of her mad skills of telling us how old she is, and showing us her toes! Too cute! Princess J also loves Yukon! When daddy is outside feeding him, she always has to watch from the window...lots more hamming it up!

One more exciting thing! The ladies I scrap with and am on the design team with at Picture Me Perfect were asked to be guest designers for October for Becky Fleck's Page Maps! So exciting!

More to follow!


Tayde said...

OMG....I love your blog posts-i'm playing catch up...your children are sooo beautiful and the pix are great!!! I can't believe I missed like the past 3 blog posts...these were awesome! I'm just being a crazie mommie trying to get all the bday festivities(tommy and bryanna are both my october pumpkin babies) in order and having a good time enjoying the munchkins!!! the hubby should be home in a month...OMG I'm thrilled for Dancing with the stars....but what was up with Kim K's "boote" dance the other nite ....anyhoo....I'm with ya I love rocks...makes my hour of spinning go by faster too!!! Don't you just love all those pretty costumes-and I'm with ya on the eye candy..oh he's fierce!! Have a fabulous weekend!!! Love on your beautiful family and just have a good ol time:)smiles!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

This is a great idea! I may have to try this next week!