Friday, October 14, 2005


Do you ever:

*wonder why we must have all the newest stuff before it even hits the shelves?
*wonder why we just see a picture of some new scrapbook supply and know we have to have it before we even know how much it is?
*think that the whole notion of preserving the past or the memories has gone to the wayside with the majority of scrappers?
*wonder why some "scrappers" really seem to only be validated if they are published?
*get caught up in other peoples designs or styles and feel like you've lost your own?
*feel less than creative when you look around at your massive stash?
*feel less creative than those around you?

Okay, enough of that.....Krista commented on my last "Must Turn Away" post, that she was glad their were not links. Rene wondered why I stopped at 8. Well, that was only because I was lazy, so I have expanded my list and included links where possible. Now after you've browsed all the new pretty things I want, make sure to give me some sympathy for my little personal turmoil discussed at the end of this post!

1. The new Basic Grey Blitzen paper line.
2. KI's new Chill Out and Christams collection.
3. That new Making Memories Pink Tote set. Maybe I want the green though? hmmmm.
4. The Eiffel Tower stamps from Technique Tuesday.
6. The new scrapworks tailord tags line. Examples are this and this.
7. The new notch tool from Basic Grey
8. The new tag tool from Making Memories.
9. The Hanging by a Thread stamps from Technique Tuesday.
10. The Infinte Wisdom stamps from Technique Tuesday.
11. The new Maya Roads ribbon and large chipboard shapes.
12. The new Cactus Pink line.
13. The new Lil' Davis line.
14. Might as well add the new Imagination Project items as well! Love all three!
Okay, I think that's enough for now. If I've enabled you in anyway, you can thank Rene and Krista for getting me to expand my list with links! LOL!

So, now for my little personal turmoil. Most of you who read my blog and know me IRL, know that we are heading to Europe soon to visit my family. Many of you know what a pain in the you know what (coughcough*ass*coughcough) getting the little ones passport was. Well, today in the mail, I received my shiney brand new passport. I had to both renew my passport and change my name. I don't know why, but I knew something was amiss the minute I opened the envelope. At first, I thought something was wrong with my application, because I originally only saw my expired cancelled passport and my marriage license enclosed. I dug deeper into the envelope and to my relief, found the new passport. I opened it up, and to my horror, my name was mis-spelled! Now, getting my passport has also become a pain-you know where! So, I call the passport agency, and get instructions from the clerk which includes filling out another form, taking new pictures, resending my old passport, my new wrong passport, my marriage license and where to mail it. I go online like she advised and retreived the proper form and filled it out. As I'm reading the small print, it says that it will take 4 to 6 weeks to re-issue the passport, but if I want it expedited, I have to pay another $60! Um...hello! I just paid you $60 to expedite it and it's wrong! So, I call back the call center and talk to another clerk, who then talks to a supervisor, and with great relief, I don't have to pay the $60 to expedite it. I do however have to trek over to San Francisco with all the necessary information. I'm hoping the little ones' comes tomorrow, so if there is a mistake on his, I can do them both at once. Okay, thanks for the sympathy, I feel better now!


cheerful cropper said...

oh- you added links. iw ill go back and check them out.
i feel you on what you said about being overwhelmed by new stuff and having to have it all, and looking around at all your supplies and feeling disgusted! i do sometimes lose my design and creativity when i see other's designs. i feel you sister!!

ugh- your passport nightmare continues! at least you will have a month in europe to get over it! do you need a nanny? to come with you?

Lara said...

I hope your passport mess gets straightened out soon! You'll have a great time visiting your parents...once this is all over. You better glue that passport to your side so you don't misplace it once it's fixed. :-)

It was fun seeing you at the mall today. :-) How in the heck did you spot me?! Good eyes!

sylvia said...

i totally hear you on the scrap fact, i'm so overwhelmed, i haven't done one single thing since anniv. crop...i LOVE all the new stuff, but i can't seem to pick up my old stuff...

gosh, those darn passport people! what is their problem?? but just think, you'll be in eurpoe real soon!!

island girl said...

oh enabler!! i must not buy! i must not buy!! lol!! i have been drooling all week at the pics everyone has from Memory Trends...but I'm going to be strong!! No buying!!

As for your passport dilemma!! Yikes!! I'm crossing my fingers for you babe!!

Rene said...

Oh blame ME for enabling YOU with all this stuff..YOU'RE the one that posted the links! -giggle. I just hate the three or four times a year right after trade shows where I MUST have everything...sigh.
Sheesh on the passport thing. Did the little guys arrive yet?