Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Sucky Day....

What a sucky day today has been. I've been feeling a bit run-over lately, but today has been the worst. Last night, I spent about 4 hours trying to get our flight to Paris situated. Here is the quick version of my 4 hours of phone time. Before we made reservations for our flight, we called the airline, because we were unable to make arangements for the little one online. It only gave adult tickets. So, we called about having the little one as a lap infant on the flight. They told us to make the reservations online, and then call them to tell them we had a lap infant, and it would be about $100. So, we make our reservations and then I proceed to call the airline to add the little one. Well, the fair for him to ride on my lap is now $200. The airfair for G and I was only $380 each, so not that big of a savings. I get off the phone with them, and chat with my stepmom about it, and we decided that all would be more comfortable if we just book a seat for him for the additional $180. So, I call the airline back, and tell the service representative what I want to do, and she cancels his lap seat, and tells me to make his reservation online and then call them back to tell them it's an infant ticket, not an adult ticket, and all will be fine.....NOT! So, we make his reservation online, and I call in to change him to infant, and the next representative tells me that we shouldn't have done it that way. Yikes! So now, we do have 3 seats, and they are all together and hopefully it will be a pleasant flight, since it took me 4 hours to book. LOL

So, I finally get to sleep at 3am, and still have to be up by 7am, because we have a contractor finally fixing our laundry room! Yay for the fixing! Hopefully, today was the last time that I will have to spend 3 hours at the laundromat. We are still trying to get the little ones passport squared away, but I'm saving that long story for when it's finally sorted out and not stressing me out. It seems that this week, I have no energy and no desire to really do anything. Suddenly with everything going on this week, I am really uninspired. :(


sylvia said...

oh no! i am so sorry that this happened. i can't stand BAD customer service!! when they dont have their stories straight. but the outcome will be so worth is. paris is beautiful!! please eat a choco croissant for me!!

island girl said...

awwww...that is so totally sucky!! But glad to hear it FINALLY worked itself out...hopefully the passport will be less painless...of course I'm sure once you are on your amazing trip you will forget all about the 4 hour phone wreck!! LOL!