Monday, October 03, 2005

A Very Productive Day.....

Today has been a very productive day around here. First, we have made our reservations to go to Europe!! Wahoooo!!! We are flying to Paris at the beginning of the November! We also have someone starting tomorrow to put our laundry room back together....FINALLY! The feud with the plumber is far from over, but we are working on that one. G and I went out to lunch today, and then headed for the Halloween store. The little one has his first costume. We tried it on him at the store, and everyone who saw it, thought he was so adorable! He is going to be Tigger, since he's such a bouncy kid! Won't that be a great photo opportunity for mommy!

Tomorrow starts the big run-a-round to get more stuff ready for our trip. I need to go pick up the little one's birth certificate-(it really sucks that you don't get a complimentary one when their born). Then we have to go get passport photos taken, since he needs his first one, and mine alas has expired. Tomorrow should be tons of fun! LOL

Are you ready for the new episode of Laguna Beach....I am! I have no idea why I am so hooked on this show though....maybe someday I will figure it out. I am going to scrap tonight too! I have completed a few projects towards my spending challenge! I completed 2 almost 3 circle journals, and I completed the card kit I got from QVC, so I am well on my way to the 10 projects! Enjoy the Hillary Duff video!


island girl said...

Awww...Tigger...that sounds so cute. Unlike my little evil one who will be darth vadar for halloween!! LOL!! But I swear the costume looks so cute on him...I"m just hoping he won't outgrow it before Halloween!!

And Europe! All your traveling is starting to make me jealous!! You're going to have an awesome time!!

And Hooray for scrap challenges!! You go girl!! So proud of you!!

Rene said...

I so wish I was going with you to Europe! Can't wait to see the little one in his costume.
So are you ready for Anny crop? Just how many layouts will you be doing? We gotta do a bunch so we can shop at the crop!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Tigger is too cute!!! What a sweet littls Halloween costume. Europe will be amazing! I LOVE Europe :)

sylvia said...

aw, tigger!! how adorable!!

laurie!! i should have known you were into the LB!! of course you are luscious!! did we already talk about sweet 16? i also have to talk to you about reunion right after the OC on thursdays! sooo good!!

cheerful cropper said...

love, love , love LAGUNA BEACH!!!i want an hour instead of a half hour! i don't want LC and jason to hook up. i want her with stephen. i want jessica and alex to find a new friend and dumo kristin!!!