Thursday, October 13, 2005


I was reading a Krista's blog yesterday, she was inspired to write down what her thoughts were as she was driving home from work. There is a link on her blog to what inspired her to do this. Anyway, I thought that it was a great idea, so even thought I don't drive to or from work, I decided to note the thoughts I was having while I was running around doing my errands today.

1.) What do I get G for his birthday tomorrow?
2.) Should I go to Stampers Warehouse today?
-A question I will chat about more tomorrow.
3.) Will G and his mother have an argument while she is here?
4.) When in the heck am I going to finish all the projects I have to get done?
5.) I really want a new pair of shoes.
6.) What else do I need to do to get ready for our trip?
7.) Less than 30 days until our long vacation!
8.) I need another massage soon!
9.) I need a haircut and a pedicure....SOON!
10.) Thanks to Krista, now I want an Ipod!
11.) I hope all is well with Jen and MG
12.) I miss scrapping with Rebecca!
13.) I hope all is well with Rene's move!
14.) Did you know it's going to cost us the same amount to send Yukon to the doggy hotel as it cost for our airfare to Europe (one persons ticket)?
15.) When do I get to scrap next?
16.) I hope ER is really good tonight!


island girl said...

Oh my sweet Laurie...

Thank you for thinking of me...and yes I am doing's a day by day thing!

And G's bday is tomorrow...TJ's is on Sunday!

I'm so excited for your trip...and once you're on the trip you won't care how much it costs to take care of the pup!

I too have tons of projects...I should be working on them now vs. blogging...LOL!! scrap again! So we should set up a cyber crop!!

cheerful cropper said...

YAH! you were inspired by my blog (which i was inspired by someone else!!) i want new shoes too...i am downloading songs onto my ipod to take with us to new york!
i like your thoughTs! :)