Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So much to do.....

All I can think about today, is my huge "To Do" list. Ever since we got our tickets to Europe, my mind has been racing, thinking of all the huge tasks I must get done to prepare for the trip, along with all the daily tasks I must complete for daily living. So today, I decided, that I'm going to put down my huge "To Do" list right here. It's about to be out there for all of you to share in my misery! Oh, by the way, this week, lucky me, I'm planning for G's birthday on Friday, and my MIL is coming to visit.....TOMORROW!

1. Get guest bathroom ready for company.
2. Laundry!
3. Quick dust/vacuum.
4. Finish G's present.
5. Finish gifts for those we are visiting in Europe.
6. Make list of things to pack for trip for everyone.
7. Make list of things we need to purchase before we leave on trip.
8. Find accomodations for Yukonbear.
9. Check on passports (due next week)
10. The Costco run.
11. Buy invitations for J's first birthday party.
12. Make guest list for J's first birthday party.
13. Send invitations out on the day we leave.
14. Take shoes for shoe repair.
15. Finish paperwork for the State Contractor's board.
16. Get information to order flooring for laundryroom from contractor.
.....and the list goes on.......

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