Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Calling out ULULANI!!

Okay Ms Ululani! I know your reading this! It was so good to see you the other night! I miss seeing you at crops! Come scrap more often! And, when your reading my blog, leave a comment every now and then! Smooches!

So, I have not updated in a few days. I really meant to last night, but G's parents came a day earlier than we expected. Things are really busy right now, and I'm not getting anything creative done.

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Ululani said...

Boy, talk about a call out. =) You're too funny. It was great to see you and Suzy again. I miss just hanging out with the girls. I'm working DH into doing Jackson in August and so far the outcome has been positive. I guess I should sign up before he changes his mind. =) I'll see you soon, I promise. =)