Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy Wednesday!

It's officially the middle of the week! This week has been very busy, trying to get all the Christmas stuff down and put away. Just about everything is done, except changing out the Christmas dishes for the regular ones. Those can wait another day though, so I can scrap! I've got to go get some more adhesive though, I ran out the other day, and couldn't scrap yesterday. So, you know what I'll be doing later! Hope everyone has a great day!


island girl said...

hee-hee...look at you scrappin away!! love it girl!

Michelle W. said...

hi Laurie,

Thank you for all the nice words you said about my layouts. I wanted to let you know your layouts are amazing! My daughter always point out that how your signature have Hello Kitty (her favorite) in there. It's scrapper like you make 2 pea a place to visit everyday!


sylvia said...

LOVE this layout!! those pics are the cutest!!