Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Commitment to Faith

So, one of my New Year resolutions, was to go back to church. I have been struggling with this over the last year. G and I are both from different faith backgrounds. We are both Christian, but different. I was raised Catholic, and G was raised Protestant. Once we found out that little J was on his way, we made a family decision to find a "home" for ourselves. A place that we could go as a family, where everyone belonged. I had prayed about this decision for a long time. G had attended a "Night Of Honor" held by one of our local churches. It is an event that thanks all of our communities first responders for their dedication to the community. G had heard Pastor Robert Evans speak at this event, and was very impressed, and thought that I would enjoy hearing him as well. I have this crazy thing, where, when I go to church and hear a sermon, I feel there is a reason that God wanted me to hear it. I wonder and consider how I could possibly apply what was said to my life, and how it can make me better somehow. We found ourselves led to Redwood Chapel. After listening to Pastor Evans, I honestly felt he was telling me the things I needed to hear. I was engrossed in his sermons and his application of the bible, I would read the passages over and over and look over my notes constantly after church. Just before little J was born, I had called to make an appointment to meet with Pastor Evans to discuss some things that had bothered me for a long time. These were things that I have only talked to my husband about. I needed to release these things and wanted some guidance from an objective party. Well, little J made his appearance just a little earlier than we anticipated. Life got busy and we stopped going to church. I finally felt it was time to make the effort to attend again and did. Pastor Evans was no longer there. I felt deflated. Suddenly, I was feeling drawn back to the Catholic church.

Well, this last Sunday, I made the commitment to return to church. I wasn't sure which church until that morning. During the time I had been away, we had received notes from our bible study classmates. These were so uplifting, but I was still wondering if I was being drawn back because of the friendships or because that is where I need to be to praise, and to deepen my faith. I must also admit, that I was a bit embarassed being gone so long to just drop back in.

I have returned to Redwood Chapel. I am so thankful that I did. The first thing that I noticed when I returned, was the Year Verse for 2006:

"Walk in a manner worthy of the calling for which you have been called" Ephesians 4:1 NASB

I felt so blown away by this! It put so many questions in my head. Was I walking worthy for what I have been called to do? Was I walking worthy of all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me? After listening to the elder speak, I am full of so much joy at making sure that I am walking worthy! Another added bonus to returning is a new series being started in our Adult Bible Fellowship group. We are begining a study of this book:Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires, the Respect He Desperately Needs By: Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
I think this is going to be an amazing journey! I can't wait to get my hands on the book and listen to the next installment from the DVD in class! As a side note, G and I are not having any troubles, but I think that this series will put a lot of things in perspective and keep the important things fresh in my head.

Now, back to scrappin'! Have a happy day!


Rebecca said...

This is so awesome to hear. One thing though, please don't ever feel embarassed to step foot in a church, no matter what! Can't wait to hear more about the book :)

Laurie said...

You know how it is though, it's like when you haven't talked to a friend, that you keep meaning to call, and time just keeps going by and before you know it your embarassed to call.

Ti said...

Congrats on starting your new journey! Believing that the sermon is made for you is not a crazy thing... i feel that way too and the study your starting sounds great.
Oh and your LO's are gorgeous, truly eye-catching!

island girl said...

wow Laurie, so glad that you guys could fine a "home" for yourselves. i know religion can be a struggle in some families, so I'm glad to hear that you guys have found a place that you will enjoy!

melissa said...

tag your it :)-for details go to my blog

BTW-That is so wonderful that you have you are starting the year off in the right path and have found your place in church once again. :)

Michelle W. said...

that is beautiful! I'm not much of a religous person myself (Catholic school will do that to ya).


Lara said...

I'm glad you're happy. I'm not a religious person, but I know when something just clicks and makes you feel good, you should stick with it. (I found that at a WeightWatchers meeting a while back...funny but true!).