Thursday, September 27, 2007

6 Months Old!

Our beautiful Princess J is 6 months old today! I cannot believe it! She just amazes us everyday with her sassy little personality! With everything that has been going on for Little J, our little princess was not about to be outdone in the attention department. She knew that Little J was taking the limelight, so she knew she had to step up her game. This little girl, in the midst of all of the craziness with Little J decided that it would be a good time to show us a few of the skills she's been working on. On Sunday afternoon, she showed us that she had indeed figured out how to press the play button on her music box in her crib. Then, on Monday afternoon while I was at the pediatician with Little J, she decided that it would be a good time to show Daddy her mad skill of getting up on her hands and knees! It won't be long before this one is on the move!

Honestly, I was a good mommy and took a few photos of Princess on her 1/2 year mark, but once I took the photos, the battery died. I will upload some new photos soon!

Princess J wants to wish her little friends Katelyn a happy 1 month birthday and Mari a happy 10 month birthday! The 27th of the month appears to be a good day for sweet little girls to be born!


bruinbr said...

happy 6 months to your little princess! :) CAn't wait to see some pictures!

cheerful cropper said...

happy 6 mo birthday, jocelyn! what a day to celebrate :)

erin said...

happy birthday princess j! i love that our girls share their *day*!!! future scrappers unite!

Nessa said...

happy birthday sweet baby

Betsey Terry said...

just catching up on your blog..and too coincidentally my new niece Princess D, no less, was born on the 27th..just 6 months after Princess J.