Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Beautiful Day!

These last couple of days has felt like I've been running a long race with no end in sight. It was kind of nice to feel fall in the air today, but we had a busy day ahead. Little did I know how awesome it would be! Little J had a therapy appointment today, and with a little rushing around I was able to get me and both kids out the door with enough time to hit the Starbucks drive-thru for a little caffeine goodness. Yummo!! We headed out to Little J's appointment and even though I missed the turn (enjoying that caffiene goodness) we made it with time to spare! I walked in and was immediately greeted by another mom who was waiting for her daughter to be done with her therapy. Mind you I was pushing Little J in a stroller and carrying Princess J in her carseat. So what a wonderful thing it was for her to jump up and help me with the door. She sat and chatted with me and enjoyed the little ones a bit, before Little J's therapist came to get him. While Little J was in his appointment and I was feeding Princess J, this woman and I sat and chatted about our families and most of all our children. What an awesome woman she is! WOW! She has two children with special needs. Her older son has autism and her daugther has spina bifida. In retrospect, had it not been for our children and just a random appointment time, I don't think she is someone I would have ever met or thought I would have anything in common with. I know I always try and keep myself focused on the positive when it comes to Little J's disability, but it's hard sometimes. This woman reminded me exactly why I need to stay positive. She was a breath of sunshine on a day that could have seemed quite ordinary and quite out of control at the same time. The even more amazing thing is that she was so happy to talk to me, because she felt like it was nice to meet someone with the same attitude as she had! Meeting me, somehow helped her too! How good of a feeling is that! How blessed is it, that God brings people into your life and connects you and you both come away feeling like the meeting and the conversation has made your day and revitalized energy you thought was waining! Yay God!

Once his appointment was over, we had to head over to the bank and pick up some fresh new check registers (oh yay! lol). Why is it, that now that I use Bill Pay for everything I go through check registers like they were water? I can't figure that out. I can't remember the last time I walked in that bank and there was no line (YAY)! Anyway, we got in and out of there and as we were leaving this woman stopped us and said that she had run out of gas and left her wallet at home. She asked if I could spare any money to help her get home. Although I stopped at the bank, I didn't take any cash out so alas I had none. As I loaded up the kids, I saw her stopping people left and right. A few gave her some change and a few like me said they had nothing to share. As I got in the car, I dug through our spare change and rounded up probably $1.50. Of course, by the time I did that, she was walking down the street. So, I decided to follow her and get the $1.50 to her. She seemed quite thankful, so I had to smile. I always wonder if someone is being honest and collecting that money or if they are scamming me. Usually, if it's a situation like the one she said she had, I try to give something. I figure if she's scamming me, that's outta her karma bank...not mine.

So, now we head home and on our front porch I find a cute little Minnie Mouse gift bag......inside it is a the cutest little dress for Princess J. There is no card or anything, so I have no idea who left it...but what a sweet suprise! Can't wait to dress Princess J up in it!!! So, if your the one who left the gift....THANKS!!!!!


RiNNE said...

Awwww, Laurie. It's parents like you who are the heroes! Often times I know how hard it is to take care of kids with disabilities (I'm a nurse, too, like Jo), but it's so great to see positive parents like you! And then, you helped a stranger as well. Did you find out who left the giftbag?

cheerful cropper said...

what a great surprise! i am happy you had a good day! i am looking forward to getting a pumpkn spice latte from starbucks!!