Monday, September 17, 2007

A Big Thank You and Some Updates.....

First, I want to thank everyone who donated money to the Angelman Syndrome foundation using Little J's badge. While we didn't make the top 10 or even come close to getting the matching donation, the fact that so many of you took time to support Little J and our family means the world to us. We did raise $760!

We're going from one crazy week to the next here. Poor G has to commute all the way to Sacramento this week! Thankfully, it is only for 3 days. Little J has usual heavy load of appointments as well. Princess J and I will be kept busy getting him here and there!!

I had such an awesome time scrapping with my peeps on Friday! Spending time with
Suzy, Erin, Lizz, Rocio and everyone else that was there scrapping was such great fun! The gelato was the best! I actually got part of a project done too! Yay me!!!

Sunday, Princess J and I headed off to church again! Another fulfilling day! I love watching Princess J in church. The way she looks around and just takes it all in. She loves all the singing! She even adds a few of her own notes into it! Love it! So uplifting! Last week when we were in service and Pastor Doug was speaking, she started screaming....and not a pleasant scream either. This week, he started speaking and she was just giggling and making joyful noises! It was so stinkin' cute, but we made a quick exit out to the vestibule. Thankfully, the speakers were on out there so we could hear his message for the day. Our current series is The God You Can Know. Pastor Doug has such an amazing way of putting things in perspective and applying things to todays times. We are so lucky to have him! It was awesome to go to ABF (adult Bible fellowship) hour as well. So good to see so many new faces and lots of old friends we haven't connected with in awhile. Good to share God's word with one another. Good feelings! After ABF hour Pastor Doug was in our classroom. Princess J was busy telling him what was on her mind yet again as well. Luckly, he says he enjoys listening to her! :)

Princess J is almost 6 months! I cannot believe it....still (since I said that in a previous post too). I am just sitting back trying to enjoy these times with her. She's not sleeping through the night in our room anymore, but we still get a little time in the evening, where she sleeps on our bed with me before her last feeding of the night. I really love holding her and rocking her to sleep after her last feeding too. It's just so sweet! I've been missing our morning naps together, where she just lays on me and falls asleep. Lately, though, we've had a couple of these naps recently. I've been trying to savor them.

Well, we've got a big day tomorrow, so I'll sign off for now.


cheerful cropper said...

oh! i am going to miss our naps and snuggle time together! i can't believe lil j will be 6 mos!

Suzy West said...

OMG Laurie, the funniest part was all the things we did that had us saying, "I don't know what to say about that!" afterwards.LOL

jo said...

6 months already! Wow - time flies! :)