Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Counting Blessings....

Today was a very trying day. Princess J woke with a smile on her face, but that was the last one I saw until about 5 this evening. No one told me that we were out of fruit for Little J's breakfast and there was no cold water in the refrigerator. It was one of those days where you have 100 things to accomplish, but your little ones needs are taking over the day. It's all good, but it was frustrating! Anyway, once G got home, it was time to head to the store. I don't think I've ever run into so many snags trying to get in and out of the store. First, I get in line behind a lady who they are already bagging her groceries and she realizes she left her coupon in the car. So, the rest of the line has to wait while she goes to her car (in no apparent hurry) to get said coupon. Then at the Starbucks counter gentleman is confused where line is and is in the wrong place. He's been waiting, so I let him go in front of me. He orders a cup of coffee and then can't decide which kind of pastry he wants! As he's taking his sweet time picking out a pastry he knocks over everything on the counter. He's on the older side, so this other young lady and I pick up all the cookies he dropped and give the Starbucks guy the ones that he stepped on. Oy! So much for a quick trip to the store. As I was driving home, I was feeling tired and frustrated. I know all this seems trivial and in all honesty it was. Then the song Lucky Man by Montgomery Gentry came on the radio. It really made me think that instead of being frustrated, I needed to think of all the blessings in my life. Especially on this, the 6th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. It is true, I am greatly blessed!

These are in no particular order:
1. I have an amazing husband, who is an incredible father and a man that I know I will always be proud to call my husband.

2. Our newest addition Princess J! She is just an awesome little girl! I love all this baby time with her and while I'm sad to see her growing so fast, I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her!

3. Little J! With his diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome, we were not sure if we were really prepared for this journey with him. Everyday, I look at his smiling face and no matter how hard some days are, I know God has blessed us with and trusted his care to us. He works so hard to learn new things and his progress sometimes slow and sometimes fast amazes me and makes me so proud!

4. We have a place to call home!

5. We have family who loves us, supports us when we need it, and who would do anything for our children!

6. I have an incredible group of friends! I love spending time with my peeps! I look forward to our girl time together and I am so grateful for their friendship and their support in good time and in bad!

7. I am thankful to be renewing my relationship with God and for being able to return to our church community! It feels so good to be there!

8. I am thankful that our church is seeing a need in our community for families of children with special needs. They are looking to us as parents of children with special needs and to others within our church community that have experience with children like ours to create a program to support us and to help us support each other and be able to participate fully in our church! While this won't happen overnight, just knowing that our Pastor has this on his list of things he wants to see fills my heart!

9. I am so thankful for all of the support services that Little J receives. We have been so blessed to have awesome professionals involved in his care. His therapists and doctors are honestly invested in his progress and his future. They get just as excited about his attaining goals as we do!

10. I am so thankful that we've met so many families online with other children like Little J! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to share the good and bad with them and know that they honestly understand. I am so blessed to be able to get and give advice in this amazing community of parents.

There are so many other things I am thankful for, but these are the big ones!

I hope you'll count your blessings today...big and small!


jo said...

Awesome post girlfriend! Way to put things in perspective. :)

Very cool that you got your errands out of the way too!

Suzy West said...

I love you man!

cheerful cropper said...

a list like this is exactly what you need when times get tough. you will see my list very soon :)

erin said...

what an awesome post girlie!
so sorry to hear you had quite the day...
hopefully, your week has gotten better by now.

big hugs to you...


p.s. i LOVE that you make lists!