Friday, September 21, 2007

You Need What?

So, today was the day that we start transitioning Little J to pre-school with the school district. Something that I am both looking forward to and dreading all at the same time. I'm looking forward to it, because I know it will be good for Little J. I know he's going to love being around all the other kids! I am also looking forward to a little more one on one time with Princess J. I am dreading it, because I'm going to have to trust someone else to take care of my beautiful little boy! G and I are so protective of him and always have that big super eye on him looking out for him, since he is absolutely FEARLESS! That's FEARLESS WITH A SMILE too! The things that are his biggest assests for learning and for development are also the things that are most dangerous. I know we live in a good school district, and I'm confident that they will take good care of him....but he is my baby!

Anyway, so I head down to the school district office and fill out all the paperwork. They have a form I have to fill out to prove where I live! You would think that just my drivers license with my address on it would be enough right? Nope! Not only do I have to provide that, but I also have to provide a copy of our property tax bill and a copy of our PG&E bill! I think I looked at the lady like she was a crazy loon when she asked for all of that! What if I don't want them to know just how much electricity I use? LOL! Share my property tax bill? What if I don't want them to know that either! I'm almost suprised they didn't ask for DNA samples to prove I'm not pretending he's my kid to get him into this awesome school district! It really is a good school district, but still! I also had to sign a paper that said if they find out I'm lying about where I live and I don't belong in the district, that I have to reimburse the district for any education and services provided to my child! WOW! I guess there is a lot of district jumping going on or something, but I was shocked! My bet is when my parents enrolled me in school, they only had to fill out the form and sign it. Maybe show their drivers license.

Oh well, signed all the papers and they will start their student evaluations in a couple of weeks. Off to dig out a PG&E bill and my property taxes.....woohoo!


erin said...

wow. what a day mommy had!!!

mesogoofy2 said...

that was funny! I remember when Christian first started school and I was asked for all that documentation to prove where we lived....I couldn't believe it! Now I am used to it. Don't worry, once he's at one school for a while, you don't need to do that every year, only when you switch schools and YEAH you would not believe how many people lie about where they live to get into the better schools. That's why they make everyone go through all of this. =0)