Sunday, September 09, 2007

Renewed, Refreshed and Grounded

That's what I love about Sundays! I am so happy, that G is off on Sundays, at least for this month. I have been feeling a little lost lately, not being able to attend church. Things are just a little too difficult trying to get both kiddos there and keep track of their needs while in service alone. Since G is off on Sundays for now, Princess J and I have returned to church! What a beautful and fulfilling day it was! It was so wonderful to catch up with those from our bible study class and see how fast their little ones are growing! It was wonderful to be able to sit and listen to our Pastor talk about God's word. It was awesome to sing His praise today! Princess J had a wonderful time! She really enjoyed the singing. She had a beautiful joyful smile during while the congregation was singing. Once the Pastor started to talk though, she decided that she wanted to talk back to him! It was so stinkin' cute, but for the sake of all the others we stepped out into the entry way. A little walking around holding her and she was fast asleep for the rest of the service. After service, our church had a guest speaker Sean McDowell. Although Princess J didn't let me sit for the entire program, his perspective on Decision Making and the Will of God made a lot of sense. Definately food for thought. It is amazing, how returning to church can really change your outlook and how your feeling about things. I can honestly say, I feel completely renewed, refreshed and grounded again.

I have a new found inspiration to complete some projects that I've been putting off. After reading this post on Cynthia's blog, I was reminded of my desire to read Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen. I've read bits and pieces of it, but have wanted to sit down and really read and understand what he has to say. He really makes a lot of good positive points.

Better get back to reading and preparing for the busy week ahead! I really can't wait for next Sunday now!


mesogoofy2 said...

OMG! This picture is soooooo cute of ou and your little one!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! Glad to see you are doing great!

cheerful cropper said...

i am happy you had a wonderful sunday :) i love the pic!!!

erin said...

ooh i LOVE being filled like that in church. so happy so so so happy to hear about your sunday!!!

miss you!

island girl said...

so glad you're getting back into your groove!

Rebecca said...

Hey it's YOU! Great pic :)

So glad you got to get back to service, it does help refresh and renew, amazing isn't it?

Suzy West said...

Hey there Laurie! Adorable picture!!!! Princess J is so stinkin' cute!!!!