Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Challenge You Say?

So, after a Sunday of selling all of those scrap items that are just not getting any love to clear the clutter, what is the last thing on earth that you think I would do? Of course you didn't say buy anything new scrap related right? You said, run right out and replace the old stuff you got rid of with new stuff....right? I think it's impossible for me to say that I won't buy new scrap stuff. It's just simply unrealistic. What I have vowed to do, is to use the stuff. Today, I picked up a package of these sheets of grungeboard by Tim Holtz. It looked quite interesting and all of the sudden I got a few ideas floating around in my head. Well, in general, stuff like this is not really up my alley. It just looked interesting though. So, my challenge is to use the stuff! HA! While I was roaming the scrap store (Picture Me Perfect) with Michelle (who's blog I would share with you, but she never updates it!! LOL) and holding on to this package of grungeboard sheets, I decided that I would do something with this right away! My challenge is to use the grungeboard on something tomorrow and post it by sometime on Friday afternoon. If I succeed, then I get the satisfaction of using stuff that I bought, if I fail, then I have to spend more money by buying Michelle a Starbucks! Actually, I'll probably buy her a coffee even if I succeed. :D So, be on the lookout Friday for something grungeboard.....hopefully it will be spectacular, but don't get your hopes up! :D


Suzy West said...

LOL you are so funny Laurie!!! I will be stocking your blog to see your project.
It was fun hanging out with you all last night.

ps....and amen to Michelle's blog. LOL

Kent said...

Hmm- Suzy is going to be putting a stocking on your blog?? :-P She is so silly! Thanks for sharing the video - now I want some grungeboard!! How come I sold a bunch of stuff and I still have so much stuff that I have outgrown my scrap space!!