Thursday, February 21, 2008


If you know me, you know that I am a reality tv junkie. You also know that I am a Survivor junkie! I was so excited for this season, to see some of the favorites from past seasons hook it up and hopefully kick som boootay! I was also super excited that a local favorite was headed back to the Survivor camp. Yau-Man from Martinez, California was definately my favorite during his first season, and to see him back, I was hoping for a big win for him! Unfortunately, the favorites are not cleaning up like I had hoped. Sadly, because Cirie (who used to be a favorite of mine, but now I hope she leaves soon) is an idiot, my favorite survivor was sent home packing. So, now I have to pick a new favorite to root for this season. I'm stuck between Ozzy and James now. I guess for now, I'm just hoping that Cirie gets sent packing. Ugh!

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Kent said...

Oh man - Yau man was my favorite too! What are we going to do now. It is so weird seeing James the 2nd time. With him flirting with Parv - it is so weird to me because last time he was so annoyed with everyone. He is my fav now. Are you watching Big Brother? I need to catch up on it on On Demand. Are you watching Last Restaurant Standing? - it's on BBC America - I am totally getting into that channel now!