Friday, February 01, 2008

Things that made me smile today!

Mornings are crazy around here, especially when our routine is thrown off a little. Today was one of those mornings! Little J had an appointment at 9:15 this morning, and then had to go to school a little late. Getting everyone ready and out the door to arrive anywhere on time is a challenge, but one we are getting used to. This morning was no different, anything that could challenge me and make the clock tick faster was happening and I was getting frustrated. It didn't help, that when I got in the car, it seemed that everyone was cutting me off left and right! Ugh...that's a whole other post. Anyway, as I got more frustrated, I told myself to take a deep breath and relax...and then it hit me! We recently bought the new Backyardigans CD Born To Play for the kiddos. Little J gets a kick out of the Backyardigans and enjoys the music. So anyway, as I was taking my deep breath and relaxing, I realized that I was actually singing all the words to the song "Almost Everything is Boinga". Holy heck! When did I learn all of the words to that! It made me smile and even a little giddy, that these cute little cartoon characters could sing such a catchy tune and not only make my Little J smile and laugh with joy, but that it would pass on to me as well!

So, in honor of the Backyardigans these are the things that made me smile today!

1. Realizing that I knew all the words to the "Almost Everything is Boinga" song and that I was singing it out loud!

2. My Venti Peppermint Mocha Frappacino with an add shot blended from our local drive-thru Starbucks!

3. Firecracker Chicken at Panda Express

4. The looney guy that opened the door for me at Panda Express and said "God Be With You" and when I thanked him and returned the sentiment, he said it was "Be Nice to Sinners Day"! ROFLOL!!! He jumped out of his chair whenever anyone was at the door and said the same thing to everyone who came in!!! HA! He was doing the same thing as people were leaving as well, so when I left, I told him that we better be nice to everyone then! :D

5. Seeing Little J's joyful smile when I picked him up from school!

6. All the random people who thought that G was giving me a ticket when he met me up at the school to pick up Little J!

7. My 1 1/2 hour nap this afternoon!
8. Watching Princess J running down the hallway in her walker! I must get a good picture of this so you can see! It is so stinkin cute! For anyone who has seen her favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba! She reminds of us Brobee (the little green one) with his hands waving in the air! :D

9. Both kiddos falling asleep with Daddy tonight! Free night for Mommy!

10. Knowing that I'll be unloading some scrap stuff at the garage sale on Sunday!!!! I'll post some details on that tomorrow for anyone that might be interested!

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Mrs. L said...

Confession time, after taking care of Aria and Grayson one evening, I now can sing all the words to the Backyardigans samurai pie song! The songs are so catchy!