Sunday, February 03, 2008

Thank Goodness I'm Not Alone!

Today was our annual mechanics garage sale at Picture Me Perfect. Every few months, our mechanics team is able to use the store to sell off our unused treasures so they can go to good homes that will actually use them....or maybe add to their collections. I had not participated in the last few, and since moving my scraproom, I took the opportunity to go through everything. I can't believe all the stuff I have gotten over the years that have just gone unused. I had to be ruthless and just get rid of stuff, because it was taking over the house and just making me feel completely uncreative. I felt like a lunatic when I showed up with all my boxes full of stuff. Once I saw everyone else though, I felt a ton better! Thanks ladies! As you can see by the photos we had a ton of stuff. Everything from totes, stamps, paper, inks, tools...just anything scrapbooking and crafting that you could. I can't believe that all of this stuff belonged to only 8 girls. I got rid of a lot of stuff, but still have some things left over. I think with what I have left, I'm going to try to do an online garage sale on Craigslist.

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