Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Okay, so you've never heard of it. If you drove through it and blinked, you would probably have missed it. It's a small quaint little town with a few small businesses and very friendly people. The two biggest things in this least all those many years ago.....the elementary school and the high school. Imagine my suprise this evening while watching the local news to hear the name of my high school and small podunck town where it's located in the first 11 minutes. It's sad, that this is why my alma mater made the news. It is a great school and I look back at my years there as fun times! Sometimes, I actually miss those days where my only responsibility was getting that English paper done! :D

Sonoma Co. Student Arrested For School Bomb Threat

CBS 5 CrimeWatch
FORESTVILLE (BCN) ― A student at El Molino High School in Sonoma County was arrested Wednesday on charges he emailed a bomb threat to his school on Tuesday.Sheriff's deputies Wednesday served a search warrant at a home on Harrison Grade Road, where they arrested the student and seized materials that could be used to build "destructive devices," although no actual bomb was found at the residence or school, authorities said.Knives, swords and replica firearms were also seized at the home.The email threat, sent anonymously, gave a specific date as to when the school would be bombed, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department.The sender used what county officials called a "hacker Web site" to hide identity and IP address. Property crimes detectives were able to identify the sender and where the message was sent from.The student's name was not released because the student is a minor.

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