Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Easter Bunny Adventure!

Every year, I plan on taking care of the Easter Bunny pictures early. Every year, it never happens that way. It's always at the last minute and it's always an adventure. Last year, it was at the last minute because Princess J made her appearance a bit earlier than expected. This year, it was just a matter of timing and way too many things planned. This year, we also had to work around Little J's school schedule and his week of being sick. So, on Friday, we loaded up the car, with strollers and good clothes and headed over to the mall. We decided to get the kids dressed there, so that they would be less likely to make a mess of themselves during the walk from Nordstrom (because everyone knows they have the best (cleanest) changing facilities down the hall to the Easter Bunny. We checked the Easter Bunny schedule and it said they would take their break at 1:15, sweet! 25 minutes to spare! We get to the line and thankfully, there is only one other kid ahead of us. Our excitment was short lived though.....they decided to take their break early!!! Ugh!!! So, we talked to them and got them to let us be first when they came back without having to sit around in line. I had to take Little J's good shirt and sweater off and put his t-shirt back on, because that would have been a mess by the time 2pm rolled around. When 2pm rolled around we got Little J redressed and were ready to go! We let Princess J go first and she was not a happy camper. She was all smiles at the bunny when I was holding her letting her look at and touch his paws, but the minute I handed her off, she just stared at the bunny and then turned to the camera and started screaming! She did this off and on, stopping the screaming long enough to get another look at the bunny, and then back to screaming! Little J on the other hand, loved the bunny! He was so excited when he saw the bunny, he just started giggling with joy! We warned the Easter Bunny to hang on to his hands while they were taking the photo, since he had removed Santa's hat at Christmas! Little J was so good during the photo! He would look at the bunny and when we called to him, he would look at the camera and smile! All was good until the bunny let go of his hands.......Little J went for the bunny head......thankfully it was screwed on tight! LOL!!! The only other bump in the well laid plan was Little J's shoes! Mommy forgot the good shoes!!! Ugh!


island girl said...

awww...someone does not look happy!! have a happy bunny day!

erin said...

happy easter!

Patyrish said...

Aww poor Princess J, she NO LIKE EASTER BUNNY!

I laughed that Little J tried to pull the bunny's head off! THAT'S HILARIOUS! Now THAT would have made for an interesting picture!

Great memories!~

J said...

Those pics are priceless! Don't you just love the old "best laid plans"? My oldest son's bday is in April and on his 2nd bday I took him to the mall for his "portrait". Did the same thing, got him dressed there, etc. He wanted nothing to do with it. Later we walked out into the mall and I thought he would freak out when he saw the Easter Bunny. For some reason there was no one around and he ran right up the ramp and sat on his lap, folded his hands and smiled. I have one of the sweetest pictures ever from that day! Looks like you have some real keepers there too.

J said...

LOL - love the picture of her screaming...those end up making some of the best photos to look back on!

Anonymous said...

we were there on friday too! we just missed you guys!
the pics are adorable! i love princess j's attitude! her and miss katelyna re going to get along just!