Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Cow! I Miss Food!

You don't know how much you love food, until you can't have what you want! Yesterday, I had to have 4 teeth pulled...Ugh! I will say, that I have the best oral surgeon ever though! My appointment was at 10 am yesterday, and I was done and home by 11 am! I thought for sure it would take longer. I can't believe how hungry I am though! I don't even normally eat breakfast or snack very much throughout the day, but all of the sudden, now that I have to just eat soft foods (mostly liquid), I find myself wanting everything under the sun! I can't believe that I have to go a full 7 days like this! I'm a little grumpy right now too, because I've had to go without my daily Starbucks too! Tomorrow though, I think I'm back on the Starbucks train though. Hopefully, that will make me happier! :D While I'm having my own pitty party right now, I'm going to list the foods I'm missing (most of which are sitting in m pantry or refrigerator calling my name)!! LOL!!

Lays BBQ Potato Chips
Girl Scout Thin Mints
Chinese Food
French Fries
Cupcakes (darn that Haley and Amy for tempting me with those!) :D
Apple Pie (darn that Uncle Joe and Auntie Karen for tempting me with those!) :D
Spicy Food!!!!!

Oh man, I just made myself hungrier than I was before! Thankfully, I did have a yummy milkshake tonight! :D Okay, go eat something yummy for me now!


erin said...

sending you lots of hugs, and just think...very soon you'll be enjoying your favorites:)

Mrs. L said...

When I had four teeth pulled I lived off of mashed potatoes with some butter and sour cream mixed in. And pudding...lots of pudding! Hope you can get back to eating potato chips soon! (couldn't live without my chips!)

J said...

Hi Laurie - thanks for your comment. I hope you feel better and are able to eat soon. Your children are beautiful!

erin said...

hello again, not sure if you got my first comment about this, great to get to see you today! sorry i was so tired...i cannot crop the night before until past midnight, and then fully function the next day. can't you tell? your kiddos are as cute as ever!

happy easter girl!