Thursday, March 27, 2008


Our poor little princess is not feeling well today. She's a bit congested and just cranky. I had planned on taking some new photos of her today to mark her birthday, but why torture her when she's not feeling well. We took this photo yesterday, so for today it will have to do.
What an amazing gift from God and such a blessing in our lives this little girl is. She continues to amaze us with her big personality, sassy little attitude and her sweet little love. She's turning into a big hugger and sometimes you can get kisses when you ask! :D She is well on her way to walking....I swear she's gonna start running any day now.
Happy Birthday my sweet little princess! Mommy and Daddy love you bunches!


erin said...

happy birthday to you princess j!

Lara said...

Amazing how quickly time goes by, isn't it? Happy Birthday!

Sandy said...

Happy birthday pretty girl!